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Roth Challenge iron distance triathlon eleased an extra 300 places on Monday 6th December and they all went in less than 60 minutes.


Ironman Cozumel Mexico 2010 results 

Andy Potts (USA) won the Cozumel Mexico Ironman 2010 today.
He swam 45:17 cycled 4:34:46 and ran a 2:52:36 marathon for a finishing time of 8:16:14. He had the fastest swim 6th fastest bike and fastest marathon.
He beat fellow country man  Michael Lovato (USA) by 6 minutes & 3 seconds.

Yvonne Van Vlerken was 1st Female at Ironman Mexico 2010 with a swim time of 56:59 bike 4:51:56 and run 3:13:56 for a total time of 9:07:25 to finish 22nd overall.

Ironman Arizona 21st November 2010 - 21/11/2010

21/11/2010 time GMT 22:30:36


10 out of 10 for Chrissie.

The Female winner of the Arizona Ironman on 21st November 2010 was Chrissie Wellington in a new course record time of 8:36:13 & 8th position overall.
Swim 51-56 T1 2:49 Bike 4:47:06 T2 1:29 Run 2:52:56
Her average speed on the bike was 23.4 mph and her overall speed for 140.6 miles for swimming cycling & running was or 16.3 miles per hour.

Winning her straight 10th Ironman win.
She broke the World ironman record in Roth Germany earlier this year in a time of 8:18:13 in July 2010.

Winning her straight 10th Ironman win.
She broke the World ironman record in Roth Germany earlier this year in a time of 8:18:13 in July 2010.
Other Brit Leanda Cave completed the course, swim 51:13 Bike 4:59:55 Run 3:18  to finish 3rd overall in 9:13:50

Triathlon Trivia.
If Chrissie Wellington started with the pros completed the race then tagged her partner Tom Lowe they would have done in 16:47:57.
Chrissie Wellington & Tom Lowe’s combined time was an incredible 16 hours 47 minutes and 57 seconds inside the 17 hour cut off time by 12 minutes and 3 seconds!

Last years champion Jordon Rapp had a accident in March which nearly took his life finished today an incredible 4th place in a time of 8:16:45

Tom Lowe was 8 minutes & 39 seconds behind 2nd place Rasmus Henning after the swim and only 46 seconds behind him for 3rd spot at the finish line.

Not bad for a duathlete coached by Dave Scott.


The Men’s winner of the Arizona Ironman on 21st November 2010 was
Timo 1st Bracht (GER) in a winning time of 8:07:16
Swim 51:24 T1 2:19 Bike 4:23:18 T2 1:17 Run 2:48:59

2nd Place was Rasmus Henning (DNK) 8:10:58 Swim 47:58 T1 2:43 Bike 4:30:35 T2 1:09 Run 2:48:35

Tom Lowe (GBR) partner to Chrissie Wellington 3rd in his first Ironman in 8:11:44
Swim 56:37 T1 2:54 Bike 4:22:51 T2 1:12 Run 2:48:12

1 8:07:16 9 Bracht, Timo EBERBACH BA- GER 51:24 2:19 4:23:18 1:17 2:48:59

Tom Lowe Chrissie Wellington partner is in 6th place just 2 mins 30 seconds down on the leader at 82 miles into the Ironman. 18:15

The first time I can ever remember that 3 females from the UK are 1st 2nd & 3rd afte 4 hours of swimming and cycling in the any ironman at Arizona Ironman today. Will we see a 1-2-3 on the podium?17:16:

Arizona Ironman Swim result today

First male out of the swim was 47:44 38 John Dahlz USA and in the female was Leanda Cave GBR  in 51:13 in 2nd place was Rachael Joyce London GBR 51:18 Kessler Keeran USA 51:21 and Chrissie Wellington GBR in 4th place recorded a time of 51:56 and just 43 seconds behind first Female

Ironman Arizona 21st November 2010
Triple World Ironman Triathlon champion 2007 -2008- 2009 Chrissie Wellington is racing in Ironman Arizona on 21st November 2010.

IRONMAN NEWS 14th November 2010
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