Lanzarote Ironman Triathlon - Training And Prepare For

TRAINING for the Lanzarote Ironman.

Under Spanish law it is compulsory to ride with a helmet at all times.

Lanzarote Ironman is claimed to be the toughest of them all, I should know having done it twice. The cycle roads are grippy so expect speeds to be slow, apart from last dual carriageway section (if course is still the same?). It can be hot and sunny or hot and overcast prepare for both, make plans for a very hot run if overcast for bike. It is always windy. Going light rather than aero is the preferred choice for most age group triathletes.

SWIM TRAINING TIPS - Do some sea swimming in wetsuit, you will use completely different muscle groups compared to wetsuit lake swimming. This is due to the extra bouncy from the salt water. You body position can be different. Practice doing two lap course - Train to do 2x2000m with a break between each 2k with a short 100m run or brisk walk. Get use to the taste of salt water in your mouth and the swell from the sea.

BIKE TRAINING TIPS - Use a road bike for Lanzarote Iron Man Triathlon. This is because a time trial bike is a disadvantage especially the technical sections. A road set up position is needed for the windy technical sections. It is advisable and suggested that you should change hand positions and learn to stretch out of the saddle.
When indoor training get use to drinking 1.5-2.0 liters an hour while working hard and experience getting hot while exercising hot. Seated and out of saddle riding is also recommended.
Setting up turbo raising front wheel SAFE & SECURE by up to 6” can do this. This will work back and hamstrings. A training camp 12-8 weeks before with hills like Italy or Spain will help a lot. Your body will adapt in time for the Lanzarote Ironman triathlon. A more specific week in Lanzarote riding the route in small parts will also be very beneficial. Learn to stretch on the bike, back and calf muscles. You will need good Kevlar tyres lots of people puncture due to rough road surface. Ride about 200km to remove the protective coating.

RUNTRAINING TIPS- Learn to drink lots when Long Slow Distance run training. Run off road this slows your leg speed down similar to Ironman marathon. Consider using a camel back. You will learn to run tired and improve running economy. Try race fuel in training.
WEIGHTS - If time available do leg weight training specific fro swimming cycling and running, at least twice a week once a week will not give you any improvement. Lanzarote Ironman is a strong person’s event, once you get tired you can draw on your strength.

IRON MAN RACESWIM - Pace yourself going hard in first 3 minutes can reduce the ability to burn fat as fuel throughout the whole race. Use fitness rather than strength where possible, save your power for the hills and wind in the second half of the IM bike. If you drink sea salt water by mistake you have two options.
1. Do Not drink anything and hope stomachs settles or be sick then you will need to drink to reduce acid stomach in the throat.

2. Have a spare 330ml drinks bottle with either plain water or a sweet drink in T1 ready to drink if you exit water and need to dilute seawater swallowed. Lanzarote Ironman is claimed to be the toughest of them all, I should know. It is almost certainly the slowest for most people. Many triathletes take up to 90 minutes to finish this Iron man.

IRON MAN TRIATHLON BIKE - The road surface is made up of large chippings; heat the wind and all take their toll. Use the special feed bag facility with some treats for something to look forward to. This is near the top of a hill so make things easy to be able to stash away before the long 15 minute technical down hill section. I.e. Bars unwrapped, gels squeezed into a gel flask etc. The road surface is slow and hot windy conditions make the bike course brutal very few of the elite best triathletes go quicker than 5 hours for the cycle section or quicker than 9 hours for the whole event.
RUN - Wear a cap the out and back run is hot due to the heat from the road. Drink coke in last 3 hours and DO NOT mix with gels, as the sugar in the coke should be enough.
You will need a hat ideally with back chamois flap otherwise turn your hat round to keep nap of neck cool when running with sun on your back.
Clean pair of sunglasses for better visibility. Spend time getting sun blocked after bike and take on board some fluids while you are protected. Make sure they rub your legs from feet to waist like in a massage towards the heart if in doubt do it yourself.

LANZAROTE IRONMAN 2008 17th Edition
24TH MAY 2008 1200 COMPETITORS from over 21 countries compete for 60 Hawaii Ironman slots in the world championships. 10 of these slots are for the professionals.
400 Euros entry fee.
$50,000 dollars prize money
1st Man & 1st Women receive $8,500

The competitor’s heart will beat 100,800 times and could use up to 9,000 calories and burn up 3lbs in weight. Lose 15 liters of perspiration. Eat 3,000 calories in food and 10 liters of energy drinks water and coke. Pour over their body 5 liters of water
Travel 140.2 miles
Aim to complete in 12 hours or 11.6 miles per hour swimming cycling & running.
SWIM 2.4 MILES (3.8KM)
During the sea swim he will have to cope with 4,800 arms and legs thrashing.
BIKE 112 MILES (180KM)
Cycle almost around the Island and climb 2,551 meters.
RUN 26.2 MILES (42KM)
4 X 10KM LAPS you run almost to the finish line then turnaround and run back again. This is where many competitors drop out with the thought of having to keep coming back so close to the finish before being sent away again.

Every year over 10,000 people come to watch not just the first competitor to finish but the last person to cross that line.
Triathlon coach Mark Kleanthous 25 years in Triathlon.
Mark finished 81st in Lanzarote in 1993 and has been helping others to cross the finish line in events all around the world.
Lanzarote Ironman is the toughest of the 28 events held world wide. It is hot windy and the rough seas sea and large chip road surface make the course very slow. Your body can take a battering on the rough roads. The endless miles of Lava fields make this a mentally sapping event. Temperature is likely to be in the 90’s when you start running the marathon. Cut off times
Swim needs to be completed in 2 hours 20 minutes and the sea temperature is usually 68-69 degrees.
Bike & swim have to be completed in 10 hours 30 minutes to be able to be allowed to start the marathon.
With 2,250 m of climbing above sea level on the bike this can be tough.
To be an official finisher you need to complete the whole course including the marathon in less than 17 hours to be in the official results.
The average age group triathlete has trained for the Ironman in the previous last 12 months the following. Many have trained for 3-5 years before attempting an Ironman triathlon.
Sport Miles Kilometers
Swimming 245 -392 km
Cycling 6,429 10,284 km
Running 1,615 2,642 km
Athletes need to train at least 12 hours a week some of the professionals can train as much as 40 hours a week in preparation. He has worn out 4 pairs of running shoes preparing for this event in the last year! Ambition is to cross the finish line get under 12 hours or take less than half a day to complete an Ironman. Very few professional go quicker than 9 hours because of the terrain and conditions.
To see if I can?
Probably cost including entry fee accommodation flight and training equipment and food just to train £4,000.
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