Ironman France Training Tips


Training for Ironman France and the road to Kona.
There are usually 50 qualifying slots for the Hawaii Ironman World championships for age group and pro triathletes.
Check the web site for more details about the slots available and course, always go to the race briefing.
Expect a range of temperatures but usually it is very hot but cooler in the mountains with a chance of rain.

Want a difficult Ironman up hill or breath taking exciting fast technical descents then this event is for you. If you have good bike skills you can make up a lot of time on the fast twisty down hills.
The following information is from Dave Brown past Ironman France finisher & Mark Kleanthous, provided to help you have a successful Ironman.
Temperatures usually average 74-89 degrees.
Past Male winners: 
2006 Marcel Zamora Perez (ESP) 8:33 & also winner in 2007 in 8:38 and 2008 winner again in 8:34
Past Female winners:
Female: 2006 Edith Niederfriniger (ITA) 9:56- 2007 Kathin Paetzold (Ger) 9:53
2008 Martina Dogana 9:35

SWIM – Starts on the beach and a short run into the salty Mediterranean Sea. Two lap square course with a short sandy beach run after each lap.
Use tinted goggles for the bright sun made worse by the glare from the waves.
Wetsuits are allowed.

BIKE –Mostly up or down climbing over 5,000 feet during the 180km single lap. Hold back and climb in and out of the saddle stretching your back twice an hour.
Good or poor road surface look ahead and read the road to avoid punctures caused by damaged tarmac.

RUN – 4 lap run along the Promenade des Anglais on flat hot tarmac with the sea and good crowds.

Ironman France Training Tip – Turbo training raise front wheel safely by 8cm increasing to 15cm over 4 weeks. Needed for the long steady climbs, spin legs even 10 revs per minute when descending to keep blood flowing and avoid lactate build up. On the down hills keep an eye out for loose drinks bottles cyclist who have crashed and much slower cyclist using the wrong line!
Complete long hills of 10-25 minutes, if this is not possible then complete a turbo session increasing resistance every 2 minutes like a V02 max test designed to create resistance to fatigue during the long climbs then have long recoveries and repeat.

IRONMAN SPECTATOR TIPS -Finish line funnel fills up early hours before the leader crosses the line.
Long wait between bike and run then you see them 4 times each lap.

Can be very hot even with a sea breeze so easy to get sun burnt. Many places for food and drink not far form finish across the road. Walking a few extra minutes’ means you will find wait less to be served in a more relaxing café or restaurant.

Information supplied by -Dave Brown Ironman France finisher 2005 in 10:06 33rd overall
Mark Kleanthous three times Nice Triathlon long course finisher
Nice Triathlon 36th position overall 1983

 Mark Kleanthous is a 30 times Iron distance finisher for coaching and  training tips log onto