Information To Prepare For Each Ironman

The following will be updated on a regular basis.
Will include details of the race course,special needs bags.
How to train and what type of bike to use, road or time trial.

Did you know to have a great Ironman race you need to spend the following percentage swimming cycling & running & transition (T1 T2) during your Ironman.

Ironman Swim 8.8%-10.5%  Bike 53%-56% Ironman Marathon 32.5%-36% Transitions T1 &T2 1-1.5%

(eg 12 hour Ironman (720 minutes) should therefore be spent)

Swim 63:30/75:40 Bike 6:25/6:45 Run 3:50/4:20 T1&t2 7:10/10:40

Ironman Triathlons that Mark has competed in or coached athletes inlclude

Austria Bolton Canada China Florida South Africa Hawaii Lanzaorte Regensburg Switzerland Nice UK

Please check each Ironman website as information was correct when published.

Details may change even the day before the triathlon.
Always sit close to the front of the Ironman race briefing.
Let those chatting away not listening or paying attention make mistakes!

 Mark has finsihed 32 Ironamn races to date

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