Information About Massage Treatment

Information about massage treatment.

Massage can help reduce muscle fatigue & tendon problems.
It can speed up recovery and improve athletic performance, help you sleep at night.
It is also excellent for prevention of injuries & increasing range of movement (ROM).
From a sore neck head ache tight shoulders or stiff back a full body massage can improve complete body posture.
What is massage?
It is applying pressure to the body to improve joint movement, muscle flexibility, reduce stiffness and increase blood flow with oxygenated blood and nutriments to speed up the recovery process.

Benefits of massage
Relaxing reduces anxiety, improves quality of sleep and prevents injuries and speeds up the healing process.

5 Types of massage
Pre competition sports massage.
A light rub lasting 10-30 minutes before the event.
Some athletes are creatures of habit and only want the muscles being used for sport to be massaged, while others like a full body rub.

Sports massage
Firm pressure on the specific muscles used for sport to relieve pressure and release tension and tightness.
Maintain correct body posture, improved muscle condition, prevent injury increase mobility, increased performance and increase the life of the athletes sporting career.

Post massage
Post event sports massage often within minutes or up to 2 hours of finishing helps many professional athletes & cyclists. Especially during long endurance events a massage can help keep the blood flowing without further physical exercise. This type of massage while the muscles are still warm can smooth out tight muscles.

Body maintenance massage.
This massage is usually deeper or with more pressure, the therapist will also be looking for any problems that may occur. This type of treatment can last an hour or more. Regular massage can allow the athlete to train harder and prevent and stop problems becoming injuries.

Rehabilitation massage.
To increase the blood flow speed up recovery reduce pain.
Massage should increase range of movements.

Self massage
This can be done daily once or twice or more when it is not possible to have a therapist give you a massage. Stroke the muscles in the direction of the heart release and return back to the start point without losing contact.
Even gentle kneading is good for the lymph flow and blood to tight muscles.

Massage is helpful not just for sports people but anyone, with or without pain.

Types of massage
Swedish massage – a relaxing movement across the muscles to increase blood circulation.
Trigger Point treatment – used to reduce tight knots deep within the muscle.
This type of massage deals with a particular problem and can involve working on muscles and part of the body connected to the problem. Tight back may also involve treatment to the hamstrings.
Often general massage can be called a sports massage.
Therapeutic massage
This technique works on soft tissue massage in the area that is painful & stiff area.
Having sports massage on a regular basis is effective for improving sports performance & very relaxing.
Get a referral from someone who has been pleased with the treatment from a sports therapist before booking a massage treatment.
If in doubt ask questions with the therapist before booking a treatment.