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Mark has been working in London for over 30 years.

He knows the streets of London better than most cab drivers does not use a A-Z map or Sav nat to get around.

Enjoy the information about what mark has learnt labout "London Life".

From London statistics to what to see how to get around London bike Hire where each of the Olympic sports will be held, the congestion charge, parking the London underground, fun quizs and much much more.

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A census of the population in Britain has been taken every 10 years since 1801 (with the exception of 1941, when Britain was at war). The next census will be in 2011.

London is the worlds 9th largest city

London is the biggest city in Europe

London occupies 620 square miles

12 percent of the UK population live in London 7,518,106 census 2005  

London has the highest population density in Britain with 4,699 people per square kilometres

Tallest building in London is the canary wharf tower.

There are over 100 theatres in London and account for 45% of all UK theatre tickets but 70% of box office revenues.

There are at least 5570 restaurants in London, this figure is the result of an on line search of the London Yellow Pages phonebook.

33 London boroughs
19.3% of Londoners under 16 and 13.8% over pension age.

London’s population peaked at 8,346,000 in 1951

32% of Londoners were born outside the UK = 2.3m

There is a greater proportion of people aged between 20 & 44 in both Inner London (48%) and Outer London (39%) than for England (35%)

The longest riverside walk in Europe follows the Thames path criss-crossing London’s bridge.

Britain is a relatively densely populated country: it is more than twice as densely populated as France (106 people per, nine times as densely populated as the USA (27 people per and 100 times as densely populated as Australia (2 people per
14,700 people employed by South London restaurants alone!

14.7m day trips into London a yaer.

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