Indoor Triathlon Tips

Indoor triathlon information & tips

Indoor Ironman
A good idea is to stop and drink during the swim if you are competing in an indoor triathlon especially if it is an Ironman distance.

Mark once competed 140.6 miles indoors so is qualified to write about what you need to do.

Swimming Cycling and Running indoor triathlon helpful tips and advice

Avoid pushing off hard off each end during a long indoor swim.

Indoor Bike
Change your position as much as possible avoid sitting in the same rigid position.
Prepare at least 3 times as much fluid for the bike section.
To avoid flavour fatigue make sure you have many different flavours available as your taste buds will change during an indoor air-conditioned or dry air environment.

Treadmill running
Preventing injury is your number one priority. Walk if you have to recover then continue.
Expect feet to get hot.
Be aware that sweat from legs running down into shoes can cause feet problems that you do not normally experience with running on the road.
Use treadmill specific running shoes but remember to practise with them for many weeks before your indoor treadmill triathlon.
To avoid shin splints set your treadmill to at least one percent if the pain suddenly happens it will be too late to change the incline on the treadmill.
Its not more difficult with 1% incline its more natural which should allow you to run for longer or harder.
Using music or the television helps with the boredom for some people I personally I do not need outside stimulus to help.
Good Shoes are important because running surfaces are hard and your running form is more rigid not just on a confined space no turning no twisting no ups and downs you use a limited number of running muscles groups compared to normal outdoor running
Time efficient you can watch television or a DVD film etc so you can combine time efficient training doing 2 things at the same time.
Run relax on a treadmill, you may be a machine so run natural not tense like a machine. Make sure you run with relaxed hands.

Treadmill compared to Road running.
We run differently on a treadmill because belt is rotating underneath so our style is more like mini jumps.
When your leading foot lands on he belt it has greater forces than normal run training which can result in shin splints.
Getting hot will increase your heart rate so it is important to hydrate. Learn to hydrate at slow paces before drinking when you are going much faster or slow down hydrate and speed up again gradually.
Make sure you keep a steady controlled pace run tall swing your arms back and forward not across your body this can cause you to become unbalanced.
Run tall keeping shoulder relaxed and eyes forward avoid dropping your head on the controls once you have set the pace.
Check for goo technique every 5 minutes then every 3 minutes towards the end or when you feel tired.

Indoor triathlon tips
You will need up to 4 times as much fluid as you and extra clothing because clothing will get very wet which can cool you down so ease back and change then continue.
If you have the choice run on a treadmill as close as possible to the air condition vents. This will keep you much cooler.
Pitfall & negatives of treadmill running. The Treadmill surface is hard on your joints because of its unnatural running.

Mark Kleanthous once completed an Indoor Iron distance & swam cycled and ran 140.6 mile challenge for charity.