About Human Urine

Human urine production a day
Cells produce water and carbon dioxide as by products of metabolic breakdown from fats proteins & sugars.
The adult body produces about to 1.5 litres a day of urine however there is no such thing as normal urine production.
On average it is estimated the average adult produces between 440 & 550 litres of urine a year and 50 litres of faeces a year.
The same person eating and drinking the same each day will produce different amounts of urine based on many many factors.

There is no normal number of times you need to pass urine some people go to the toilet -4 times a day is normal for one person yet others may go 12 times.
Going to the toilet many times can be a sign of diabetes.
Normal urine production changes depending on diet exercise (easy or hard) air temperature etc.

You could be dehydrated due to foods that are diuretic such as
Celery (Seed & plant)
Large amounts of animal protein can cause regular visits to the toilet.
Coca Cola Coffee and Tea drinks also cause increased urine production.
Lactic acid is formed from muscles during contraction.

Problems with low urine production include.
Below 500 millimetres then creatinine levels rise.
Blood potassium levels rise which can eventually become life threatening.
Symptoms  - Pink reddish colour urine.

Increased Urine production can be form a colder day when the body sweats less. The kidneys regulate fluid balance so increases urine production.

No Urine production –known as Anuria will lead to kidney failure due to a build up of toxins in the blood.
Symptoms include vomiting and Nausea -abdominal pain then haemorrhaging and the death of internal tissues.
Extreme lethargy due to build up of waste products that can’t be flushed away.
Some athletes have had to have emergency operations to remove dead intestines.
Alertness – reduced
Bleeding or Bruising occurs easier.
Blood clotting can be impaired.
Breathing increases during exercise or normally when at rest
Changes in blood pressure – either higher or lower.
Confusion as waste products is not flushed away.
Constipation – dried faeces due to dehydration.
Edema – Puffy or swollen Eyes Face Feet Legs
Fatigue – Sets in very quickly not due to lack of pacing or sufficient energy intake.
Heart Rate – Increased or irregular heart beating.
Mouth – Sticky due to reduced salvia production
Muscle cramps due to build up of waste.
Muscle twitching
Shaking is a sign.
Tremors are another sign of reduced urine production.
Weakness occurs suddenly
Weight loss just form water alone
Urine – Dark yellow and smelling of sugar

What normal urine should look like?
It should be slight yellow straw or clear in colour.
PH 4.6 -8
Blood in urine can be a sign of any of the following.

Don’t confuse eating beetroot with dark red coloured urine which can occur within hours of eating this root vegetable.
Any of the following symptoms can cause blood in the urine.
Burns –Cystitis -Haemolytic anaemia -Infection Trauma, Kidney Stones
There are many other symptoms that can also cause blood in the urine.
Seek medical advice if you have any doubt.

The above information is not for self clinical diagnosis.