How To Wear Swim Goggles

How to wear swim goggles? 

Wear it underneath your swim cap.
Not just for aqua dynamics and help you go faster but should they get knocked all that happens is the lens rotate 180 degrees but are still on your face as the strap is held underneath your swim cap.
They are less likely to move during the swim. If they do move or leak you can adjust them more successfully reducing the risk of losing them as the strap is held in place under your swim cap.
You can sill remove swim goggles in the minutes before the start and place them over your forehead even when the strap is under the swim cap.
Before the start

T1 (Swim to Bike)
After exiting the swim grip hold of the goggles pull away from face and lift up and this will remove cap at the same time.

Disadvantage -The swim goggle strap can feel uncomfortable directly on your hair.
You have to put goggles on earlier before positioning your swim cap over the top.
Careful not to place swim goggles over your swim cap (forehead) otherwise they will leak.
The goggles that have a split double strap are best but they can pull on your hair when removing.

Wear swim goggles on top of your swim cap.
When you are nervous placing swim goggles over your swim cap at the last possible moment is your best option.
Ok to do this during a pool swim triathlon when the air temperature is warm and you risk the goggles streaming up (even having used anti fog)
Advantage -Easier to get swim goggles off after the swim but you then have to remove cap. (2 movements)

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