How To Avoid Jet Lag Tips

How to avoid Jet Lag

Stay up even if you have to take caffeine drinks so you do not sleep until your normal bedtime at your new destination
Walk exercise all help get your body clock to adjust to the new time zone.
You will adjust much quicker this way.

If you really need to take a sleep then make sure it is for not more than 60 minutes.

Go to bed even if you are not tired by midnight otherwise it will take you longer to adapt.

Before you fly
Try and adjust your waking meals and sleep patterns several days before to adjust to the new time zone.

Jet lag mistakes to avoid
Never lie in bed in the morning because you are tired get up then get to bed earlier that night.
Your body clock may not want to go to bed however take control so you can adjust as quickly as possible.
Avoid making the room too light if you have to get out of bed.

Avoid watching television or using a computer because the lights will delay you falling asleep.

If you can sleep on anywhere including planes then you should consider this before book your flight times.

Sleep anywhere – then book your flight so you can sleep on the plane so you arrive at your destination & wake up in the morning on the plane in the new time zone.

Can ONLY sleep in your own bed – then book your flight to arrive afternoon or evening. The lack of sleep and the daylight will decline and should help you make sleepy & help you have a good nights rest.
Caffeine can help – if you have a long flight and need to sleep late into the flight then have caffeine once the plane takes off. This will keep you awake much longer then allow you to fall asleep later & help get your body clock change to the new time zone.

There are many herbal & natural remedies that the manufacturers claim they can help.
Melatonin has helped me on a number of occasions by changing your circadium rythhms.

Melatonin helps alter your circadian rhythms. Ambien will help you sleep. Make sure you get the above by a trusted pharmacist.
I have personally not tried any that have helped me although they may help you.

Jet lag – Worst when you fly away or fly home?
The answer is psychological. I believe from personally taking hundreds of flights and coaching athletes, travelling back appears to have more jet lag problems. You should aim to keep active back in the new time zone to speed up your own internal body clock.
Don’t compare your new time zone with your previous time zone.
Speed up jet lag
Wake up on the morning of the new time zone on the plane and your mind will soon start to adjust.
The skin has photoreceptors and our body clock is affected by real daylight and sun shine. Our circadian rhythm responds to light and dark.
Caffeine no later than 4:30 each day to keep you awake when you may want to sleep but not keep you awake at night when you really need to sleep during the current time zone.
Start eating foods etc in time with new time zones before during a flight and when you arrive. Prepare your body and mind on returning as you did when you departed.
When you arrive after an 8+ hour flight stay awake then go to bed as normal

Ear plugs eye covers can also help.
It can be harder travelling to a place with fewer daylight hours. Light therapy lights can help.
Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone in the body released by the pineal gland to induce sleep & improve the quality of sleeping.

Mark has has made more than 100 flights across every time zone.