How To Avoid G I Issues In Sport

How to Avoid  Gastric Issues in Sport

GI Issues
Most endurance athletes will suffer form GI issues at some time during their lifetime, either in training racing or both during a run marathon ultra run triathlon or Ironman
Symptoms include Diarrhoea Stomach issues (Bloated Acid or Sick feeling stomach) and Vomiting or long term nausea and flatulence.
The reasons are because of a combination of many things, changing just one thing can make all the difference or a few changes will completely eradicate the problem for ever.
Runner’s trots can be cured but few athletes take my advice for many years then they swear by my experience
Trial & Error will help but making the wrong decisions could even result in a Did Not Finish (DNF)
If you don’t know why you have GI issues then you are likely to make the wrong decisions.

The following tips may help or they may not, domt forget we are all individual & each race we will need differnet requirements

Colustrum – Cows First Milk Available from
Is the normal electorate content in a drink enough or not enough for you?

Was it internal HEAT STRESS CUASED BY A LEAKY GUT? there is ONLY one product that cna help with this More detailed scientific evidance is found on the Neovite web site

Establishing your SALT LOSS and replacing the right amount of salt (250>1500 mg per hour) Do you know if too much is worse than not enough?

Ability to digest cope & tolerate with FRUCTOSE found in most sports drinks
(a) Every Day Life (b) During strenuous exercise

Know what to do during exercise (Training or Racing) when you have GI Issues.
Again I can help with this.

Do you eat nothing drink nothing neither eat nor drink nothing drink plain water or drink a electrolyte sports drink. The answer is different for each person.

For some athletes Gastrointestinal distress is caused by over consumption of sports drinks gels or a combination.

The timing of calories during an event is also important, again I can provide sports nutrition based on the terrain.
Don’t under perform in your next races contact mark for expert advice now.

Is 55g per hour too much or is 30 g per hour of carbohydrate not enough?
More carbs will not make the situation worse and less will not make it better finding the correct amount for you will AVOID GI issues.


Did GI issues happen after a long flat or hilly section?

Did the Gi issues happen within 45 minutes of swim to bike to run or between 40> minutes into a marathon?
Mark Kleanthous has competed in 1,050 events world wide from freezing temperature to hot humid conditions reaching 110 degrees and has been coaching athletes

If you want personal advice that will help you then contact me. This information will be unique to you so passing it onto someone else is unlikely to help them because they will have other factors contributing to Gastric Issues.