Horse Riding Can Improve Your Swim Bike Run & Triathlon

Triathlon Other Fitness workouts to help you.

Horsing Riding benefits for triathlon

During Horse riding tips

Providing you are sitting up with good posture this can help you swim in the correct neutral position cycle without slouching (dropped hips) on the bike and allow you to run tall.

When you ride you have got to sit up straight

Horse riding is a good stretching for Achilles because you have to drop the heals

Swimming – This allows you to point your toes during swimming rather than have them at right angles that causes a lot of drag

Cycling – some riders point the toes
Round shoulders on the tri bars

Running – Improves the ability to run on your toes with added strength and flexibility. Most runners have in flexible ankles

Horse riding is good for general body posture although many riders often suffer from horse riding back problems due to having a weak core. The back gets stronger, to avoid this engage your stomach muscles for 10 seconds while riding every 5 minutes.