Future Of The London 2012 Stadium In Doubt

Lord Seb Coe commented on Radio 5 with Gary Richardson on 23rd January 2011.

Future of the London 2012 Olympic stadium

Before the east London stadium has even been finished for the 2012 Olympic Games the Legacy that the London Olympic committee gave to improve the poor east London community with a sports centre is in doubt.

Seb Coe said this morning if he had the deciding vote he would choose West Ham football club instead of Tottenham Hotspur football club.

West Hams bid to use the stadium after London 2012 meets the criteria to continue with a mixed stadium for all sports.

This was because Tottenham Hotspurs will only use it ONLY as a football ground remove the athletic track & increase the number of seats and as a token gesture give support to Crystal Palace athletic stadium to improve their athletic facilities.