The Future Of The London 2012 Olympic Stadium

Future of the London 2012 Olympic stadium
London Olympic stadium debate

Lord Seb Coe chairman of the London 2012.
Commented on Radio 5 with Gary Richardson on Sunday 23rd January 2011.
Lord Coe regarding the future of the Olympic stadium after the Games in 2012.

Gary Richardson asked Seb Coe….
When plans were drawn up for the Olympic stadium was there ever a thought that football could have been played in it?

Seb Coe said…
“No the bid was very clear and unambiguous this was a community facility multi-sports track & field in that facility not uniquely I don’t think anybody ever thought that track and field would be in there uniquely but a combination of athletic community & multi-sport and we were very clear about that”

“Moral obligation to make it work after the Olympics!”

The people from athletics and East London believe to make it a premier football club is wrong.
“Its an act of betrayal, a legacy true to the promises made to the IOC if it becomes solely a football stadium”

“It was built on the back of the promise to continue the athletic Olympic legacy”

“There was an obligation not to pull down the stadium and make it a purpose built football stadium”

It was going to be a community multisport facility for the east London.
The decision of the future of the London Olympic games stadium will be announced later today – West Ham will honour the Olympic games legacy promise, while Tottenham Hotspurs football club want to pull it down after the games has finished.

Before the east London stadium has even been finished for the 2012 Olympic Games the Legacy that the London Olympic committee gave to improve the poor east London community with a sports centre is in doubt.

Seb Coe said this morning if he had the deciding vote he would choose West Ham football club instead of Tottenham Hotspur football club.
West Hams bid to use the stadium after London 2012 meets the criteria to continue with a mixed stadium for all sports.
This was because Tottenham Hotspurs will only use it ONLY as a football ground removes the athletic track & increase the number of seats and as a token gesture give support to Crystal Palace athletic stadium to improve their athletic facilities.

Pros & Cons of each club using the Olympic stadium.
Tottenham Hotspur football club offer financial support for the next 10-15 years. Their bid is against the bid.
Seb Coe would vote for the West Ham bid because it meets his Olympic legacy more than Tottenham Hotspurs
West ham football club will keep the track with 50-60,000 seats & maintain the Olympic Legacy.

The London 2012 Olympic bid was gained as part of young people using the stadium and having a dream of competing in future Olympics.