Flight Tips For Athletes To Arrive Healthy And Refreshed

Injury prevention tips for athletes travelling by plane.

Problems can occur with flying from feeling stiff arriving without a tight back stiff neck to circulation problems including deep vein thrombosis.

Refrain from drinking diuretic drinks such alcohol coffee and tea in the 24 hours before your flight.
Wear comfortable loose clothing
Consider wearing compression tights or calf compression guards during the flight.
Have moisturiser for your skin to allow it to feel fresh.
After checking in take a walk but don’t forget to check updates regarding your flight.
Especially long flights avoid sitting down in the terminal before boarding the plane
Go into a flight rested your immune system needs to be at its best to fight off the many germs that are constantly recycled through the air conditioning.
Use an anti bacterial hand hygiene gel after touching any surface or some else hand to reduce the chances of catching germs. Can be much safer than using water to clean your hands
Never touch your face (mouth nose etc) after touching surfaces because you can transfer germs very easily.

Avoid heavy meals before flying
Avoid drinking lots of plain water without food and also drinks that can make you dehydrated such as Alcohol, Coffee & Tea

SITTING -Sit up right and correctly by using a pillow in the hollow of your back, ask for another one for your head if you need one.
Keep your shoulders relaxed
Never sit uneven or skewed across the sit even for a few moments you may fall asleep or if the plane jolts you end up hurting yourself. So make sure your weight is evenly distributed on your bottom.
Avoid crossing your legs because this will help your back and circulation.
REMOVE contact lenses before sleeping

A half donut cushion supports your neck and can avoid you hurting your neck as you fall asleep and avoid neck ache from sleeping while your head is in unusual position.
Take a walk every 1-2 hours and do the following & exercises

SHOULDER CIRCLES forwards and backwards while sitting or standing
NECK ROLLS (remove head sets)
STANDING - -stretch tall
ANKLE ROLLS- rotate each foot while sitting
CALF EXCERCISES –point your toes forwards and backwards

Walking around the plane bare foot also has it risks from banging your toes to someone dropping an object on them to a hostess trolley.

Deep vein Thrombosis (DVT) –Travellers thrombosis can be recued by limiting the time you sit still.
Tip – Reduce the amount of time you sit still and take regular walks every 2 hours.

Ask for a bottle of natural mineral water rather than the in-flight filtered water.


Seek advice to be shown on the correct way to complete the airline stay health exercises
Always increase movement from very easy even if you have done them an hour earlier.
Never stretch so much it hurts.
The above is only a guide and not suitable for everyone. Speak to your doctor before carrying out any of the above activities.
Take care when walking around the plane or stretching to avoid making contact with others or the plane. Don’t forget the plan may suddenly jolt and cause you to hurt yourself

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