How To Work Out Where North Is Using A Wrist Watch

How to find which direction for north or south using a wrist watch?

You don't need a compass to know where north or south is.

You can use an analogue wrist watch instead.

No problem if you have a digital clock just check the time and imagine the 12 digits on the face of a clock.

Point the hour hand at the sun and south is exactly mid-point   between the hour arm and 12 o clocks.

North is exactly in the opposite directly.

In the southern hemisphere you have to point the 12 in the direction of the sun and due north is mid-way between 12 and where the hour hand  [for that time of day]

If it is exactly 10am then the mid way point is the 11 between the 10 and 12.

Never look directly into the sun as it can damage your eyes and can cause blindness.

No point carrying a compass if you dont know how to use it....