Female Hormone Levels & how they affect sporting performance

How Female Hormones affect sporting and endurance performance

  • Period Cycle -Early Follicular Early Follicular Hormones Oestrogen levels increase
  • Positives Best aerobic capacity will be when your oestrogen levels increase during your period cycle.
  • Improved determination Negatives Poor coordination and ability to judge distances.
  • More likely to have accidents or crash.
  • Period Cycle -Late Follicular Hormones During the follicular cycle
  • Positives Improved mental concentration, better able to use carbohydrate.
  • Negatives Reduced negativity
  • Period Cycle - Mid Luteal Hormones Oestrogen declines
  • Positives Most difficult phase for endurance athletes to compete
  • Negatives One degree higher core temperature -causes early sweating Reduced mental toughness
  • Period Cycle - Late Luteal Hormones Oestrogen at its lowest at end of cycle.
  • Positives Increased aerobic capacity and glycogen storage
  • Better at fat burning. Slightly increased glycogen stores.
  • Negatives Memory declines More likely to experience mood swings mild negative thoughts Earlier fatigue and easily depressed.