The Facts about Hyponatremia (Drinking too much water)

I predict that an Ironman athlete will fake they need an IV in the medical tent to speed up the recovery or an inexperienced medic will administer an IV which will result in fatal results.
This IV will actually kill the athlete.
Let me explain if they are suffering from Hyponatremia and have an IV this will actually make matters worse by diluting the body’s plasma even more.
It is totally preventable and many age group and professional triathletes experience minor or extreme cases.
Hyponatramia is an imbalance in the body’s plasma, the athlete has drunk them self to this condition and diluted so the sodium is lower than normal.
The body is trying to maintain a homeostasis state
During the last 10 years sadly 15 marathon runners have died due to Hyponatremia and i have yet to find any information on a runner dying of dehydration!
If you do not have a nutrition hydration & salt strategy for race day based on
1- Your sweat rate
2- The amount of salt loss per hour 
Then you need to speak to me to prevent it from happening, Even if you have a coach they are unlikely to be a specialist in everything.
Signs of Hyponatremia
Painful head, like your head is going to explode!
If you are wearing compression they can suddenly become very tight due to swelling, another good reason to wear compression because it can give you an early warning sign.
Passing urine more frequently than normal particularly under extreme hot condition, the urine is likely to be very clear in colour.
Nausea & Vomiting
Severe Head aches
Restlessness & Irritability
Congestive Heart Failure
Fatigue, despite having enough calories
Muscle weakens Spasms
Loss of energy
Liver Failure
Kidney Failure
Can even result in a Coma
The majority of cases of Hyponataemia occur as a result of too much excess water imbalance in the body’s plasma resulting in a diluted amount of sodium (salt). Athletes not accimlizating to the conditions. Its no good arriving early and staying in an air conditioned room and avoiding the mid day sun, you simply will not get use to the conditions.
Lack of sodium on its own is unlikely to result in Hyponataemia 
If the body experiences loos of volume depletion then the body should release anti-Diuretic hormone (ADH) 
More can be found by reading “Waterlogged” written Dr Tim Noakes (2012 ) who I met in 1984 and explains this is far more detail.
Exercise associated Hyponataemia (EAH) is far more common than most people think. I many marathon studies more than 12% had salt levels were hyponatremic.
IronMate Jargon
Hyponataemia (English spelling)
Hyponatremia (American spelling)
Osmotic Duress is increased urination. & can result in dehydration. Occurs when too much glucose enters the kidney tubes and cannot be re-absorbed. Too much sugar can cause a reaction of pulling water form the intestine making more water available in the blood which then causes the kidneys to remove it as urine. If blood pressure increases the kidneys will remove fluid as urine.
Polydipsia is excessive thirst and can be caused by drinking too much plain water. Zinc is known to reduce symptoms of 
Ploydipsia by allowing the body to absorb fluids more efficiently. This condition is experienced with diabetics (when they failed to take correct medication)
Mark Kleanthous is an ultra endurance athlete and full time advanced performance coach
To prevent Hyponatremia from happening or re-occurring contact me today
Mark has helped numerous first timers to elite professional athletes prevent hyponatremia during the last 15 years.
Basically it is drinking too much water or over hydration known as Mark is a competitor o 1,050 races world wide including 
2 x Kona Finisher and Ironman China Finisher where more than 43% failed to finish due to 43 Celsius or 109 degree Fahrenheit. Many who did not finish were experiencing symptoms of hyponatremia!
JUST 2 hours spent speaking or meeting mark can prevent this from happening