Essentials For Running In The Snow

Running in the snow essential kit

Hat - as much as 45% of body heat can be lost from the head, if you do not wear a hat it’s like going out with running bottoms!
Gloves - warm fingers help you keep relaxed when running.
Mobile phone - in case of emergencies.
Good off road shoes - Water proof uppers avoid mesh one.
Socks -Consider the inner fleece lined water proof outside to stop feet getting cold and wet
Neck a chief  - a lot of heat is also lost from this exposed area, better to adjust this important garment than take hat off and loss too much heat.
Whistle - for attracting attention
Foil blanket - For emergencies - if you come across someone else you can help without getting cold yourself.
Emergency rations -Running in the cold & snow burns lots of calories so always carry some nutrition. Clif shot blocks are my favourite training & racing product.
Drink - wearing extra layers in the cold you still need to keep hydrated.

Don’t forget the wind chill on your return your energy levels will be low and the temperature difference coming back into a head wind even without the air temperature dropping can be 5-10 degrees colder than you started!

Always tell some one or leave a note where you are going and when you plan on coming back.