English Standard Distance Age Group Triathlon Championships

MK Tri 2011 - English Standard Distance Age Group Champs (1500m swim/40k cycle/10k run)
Date: 31-Jul-2011 Race start time: 07:00 Classic triathlon 1500m swim/40k cycle/10k run
Event details
MK Tri 2011 - English Standard Distance Age Group Date: 31-Jul-2011
2011 sees Big Cow's original event become Triathlon England's inaugural Standard Distance Triathlon Championships
1500m Swim ; 40km Bike ; 10km Run
Race description
Your race pack will be collected at registration.
BTF Licenses
All competitors must produce their race licenses at registration. If you forget your license you will have to pay the £5 levy.

BTF Rules
It is recommended that you read the BTF rules and regulations that will be applied to the race.

Prize Breakdown
Prizes are for both  Men and Women. Only one prize per competitor. A full breakdown of prizes and trophies will be provided shortly before the event.
Registration is open from 4:00pm to 6:pm Saturday afternoon and 5:15am to 6:45am Sunday morning. Your race pack will include 2 race numbers and a bike label to attach to your bike before racking it.
You will need to collect your timing chip from the timing tent adjacent to registration on Sunday morning before racking your bike.

Swim 1500m

Shallow lake M shape anti clock wise swim

Bike 40m

Rolling 2 lap course not technical (one sweeping U turn, stay off your tri bars)

Run 10km

3 laps around Emberton Country park flat total climb 19ft duirng 10km

Spectator Triathlon friendly event.

Trade stands.

Car Parking/ Camping
The park has ample car parking from which you can walk or ride to the transition area.  Camping is also available which again is all within the grounds of the park. You can see the full park details on the web link above or give them a call on 01234 711575.

Bike Racking
All bikes are to be racked on Sunday morning from 5:15am to 6:45am. All bikes are to be racked with your helmet attached. Security in racking area will be present from 5:15am. The racking is numbered. Your bike should be racked on your race number making sure it matches your bike number.  You will not be permitted to remove your bike from Transition until the last cyclist has finished the cycle leg.

Bike Care
It is your responsibility to make sure your bike is roadworthy and in good condition. As well as endangering yourself you will be endangering others if your bike is not in good working order.

You will be issued with 2 body numbers which must be clearly visible on your front and back at all times. You will also be issued with a bike number which should be attached to your bike. You will also be body marked with a pen.  Number belts are allowed, all we ask it that we can see your number at the timing points as a backup to the electronic system.
Race Timing Systems are providing computerised timing via an electronic chip system that you attach to your ankle. Please attach the chip to your ankle and make sure your run over the mats at the various timing points. Make sure the chip is under your wetsuit! Your finish time and splits are available immediately after completing the event.

Transition Rules
Security will always be present in the transition area. Only competitors wearing their I.D. will be allowed in this area. You must rack your bike in the numbered position. No riding is allowed in the transition area. You can start riding once you have exited the transition area. Your helmet must be fastened on your head at all times whilst you are on your bike or running with your bike through transition.

Wave Times
These will be published shortly before the event.

Race Briefing
The race briefing will take place 5 minutes before the start of each wave at the swim start area.

The presentation will take place next to the transition area after all competitors have finished and had a chance to get changed.
Body Limits will have a massage table set up and for a nominal fee you can have a professional massage.

Race details to follow