ENERGYbits for Triathlon - When to take them - Race Day Time Line

ENERGYbits for Triathlon
ENERGYbits Triathlon Time Line when I recommend you take them

Count Down
2.5 hours before start
• Breakfast as normal 2.5 hours before start
20 minutes before start
I take 20 ENERGYbits with water 20 minutes before the start of a training work out or 30 ENERGYbits before a triathlon with 100-150 ml of water

  • After exiting swim nothing for 5-8 minutes
  • Then 25 ENERGYbits every 10>15 minutes with water or 3% sports drink
  • They also contain electrotypes to prevent dehydration
  • ENERGYbits contain one calorie of natural goodness
  • They contain 40 vitamins and antioxidant nitric oxide just what your body needs during a triathlon.
  • They also contain Omega 3 to reduce inflammation
  • They are light and you can easily carrying them while running unlike gels they are not sticky.
  • I carry them in a Benito box on top tube for easy access and to remind you to take them

I also have them before I go to bed they do not keep me awake & I am sure they reduce or elimate delayed onset of muscle soreness.                                                                                                                                                                      Or you can simply have 20>25 per hour with your normal food for an amazing lift in energy 


Health Warning
ENERGYbits are not pills they are the most nutritionally dense food in the world
They can seriously improve your sporting performance
ENERGYbits DO NOT CONTAIN Sugar Caffeine or unwanted Chemicals!
See you at the races
I have successfully used them to train and compete for a number of years
(2 marathons in 3 weeks despite being 53 years of age 3:22 and 3:19)  Boston & London marathon qualifier times as good for age
I find they really help reduce fatigue levels
Competitor of 1,050 events world wide
Iron Mate Mark  Kleanthous
UK distributor of ENERGYbits
If you are in the UK order direct from me and save money and get them in a few working days or order them direct from the ENERGYbits USA and quote IronMate and get a 20% discount