ElbaMan All you need to know

Elbaman’s eleventh edition is ready to start. Many triathlon lovers will gather in Marina di Campo on the last weekend of September to take part to the only race on full distance in Italy. Elbaman is one of the main events and also one of the greatest prides of Elba. It was born as a race of middle distance in 2004. Since then, the competition quickly gained a great relevance and became a unique event in Italy. Together with the race on Iron distance, there will be like every year a competition on half distance, the Elbaman73.
 The race will start on Sunday 27 September. Competitors that participating in the race are 660 and they come from of 15 nations. You can follow Elbaman’s eleventh edition live on facebook (elbamantri) and twitter (elbaman_tri). The competition will start with the swimming trial: the athletes of the individual Elbaman and of the relay will have to cover a distance of 3.8 km, while there will be a halved path of 1.9 km for the Elbaman73 competitors. The second part of the race, which is bike, will take place on the road that surrounds Monte Capanne, in the West part of the island. The athletes will have to complete 3 laps, corresponding to 180 km, in order to have access to the following trial. The Elbaman73 competitors will have to complete 2 laps, 94km. Once back in Marina di Campo, the participants will have to reach the transition area and face the last stage of the competition: the running part. This race will take place in town. There will be a 7km path, that the athletes will have to cover for 6 times to achieve the total of 42.2 km. The Elbaman73 competitors will have to complete a halved path of 21 km. A competition of swim, bike and run has been organized for children as well on Saturday 26 September: the Elbaman Kids. On the website www.elbaman.it there are tips and advice for the athletes, but also for those wishing to learn more about this unique competition.