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Ironmate Dictionary of Life

Aerodynamics - On the bike aerodynamics is the single most significant factor in speed performance.
Acclimatizing to hot climates allow 10 to 14 days to best adapt to the climate.
Antioxidants neutralise the free radicals and minimise the oxidative process. Antioxidants have the ability to helps individual cells from the effects of cigarette smoke, pollution, sunlight & stress.
Research has shown that the amount of natural antioxidants produced and the average diet may not provide sufficient help against radical activity.
A healthy tests figure would be 40,000 skin carotenoid score while 10,000 –20,000 would be a below average figure.
Antioxidants Flavonoids found in cocoa. This can be found in chocolate.

Blood pumps haemoglobin the oxygen carrying capacity around the blood.
Blood monitors the body’s cooling mechanism.
Blood transports nutrients throughout your body.
Blood volume of the system is usually 45% red cells in men and 40% in woman.
Bilateral breathing – Improves the symmetry of your swimming stroke by breathing both sides during front crawl.
Bright clothing reflects heat from the body, while dark colours absorb the heat.

Cholesterol – Fatty molecule in excess is associated with coronary heart disease.
Collagen – research has shown that liquid collagen supplements can help naturally rebuild damaged cartilage

Dehydration causes a reduction in the blood volume.
A 2 per cent reduction in weight loss can cause a 20% reduction in performance.

Emu Oil famed by Paula Radcliffe. The manufacturers claim it has injury soothing properties.

Free Radicals damage is caused by the following – Environmental pollution – Radiation Ultraviolet light from the sun - Smoking – Stress

Glycogen depletion is a result of the following and will lead to poor performance.
Training hard on consecutive days, poor diet including delayed replacement after exercise.
Glycerol – is used to make more liquid available for sweating.
Especially effective for races in the heat.

Hyperbaric chambers are float tanks or spas.
Used before or after exercise to can aid recovery.

Immune system – After strenuous exercise some types of white cells responsible for maintenance of the immune system are impaired.
After strenuous competitions keep away from crowded groups of people for up to 12 hours while your resistance could be lower.

Joule is the unit of work, heat, energy done either by force, distance travelled. Or an electric current of 1 amp flowing through a resistance.
The joule of work for one second is equal to one watt of power, also measured as a calorie.
King cycle – A stationary bike used in a laboratory for experiments to measure power out put in conjunction with a heart rate monitor can monitor various resistances in relation to work load.

Lactic acid- produced your exercise but can be re-synthesized or used by the body as fuel.
Mental Fatigue occurs under stress, dehydration and low easily used energy levels.
Prevention- Mentally prepare for every eventually and what you would do.
This will appear less stressful when it happens.
Maintain good nutrition to keep your blood sugars levels constant.
Include carbohydrate/protein during and after exercise to spare protein breakdown and damage.
LDL Cholesterol – Low-density lipoprotein thought to be harmful in the blood.

Noradrenaline – the adrenal gland hormone also produced by some nerves which causes most blood vessels to constrict and also stimulates the heart

Old shoes – Put a date on them or in your diary and once they are 12 months old or you have run over 400 miles or 80 miles of racing (3 marathons throw them away.
Olive Oil contains unsaturated fat, which is considered to be the better type of fat.
Overtraining -Some or all of the following often causes overtraining. Increasing volume quality or both too soon with no base training or trying too hard after a break after injury.
Multiple training sessions without proper recovery also causes Overtraining.
Signs and Symptoms of Overtraining.
Slower race performance- Increased Muscle tension- increased resting heart rate –
Decreased appetite. Irritability – Increased occurrence of illness- Unable to sleep – Listlessness – Lethargy – Lower energy levels.
Performance can decrease by more than 20% if you lose two percent of your body weight in sweat.
Protein Try and consume between 1.0 grams to 1.7 grams per kilo
Protein can be obtained from the following sources
Cheese – Eggs – Fish – Nuts –Poultry- Seeds
Plants – Add plants to your diet to reduce the reduction of free radical damaged to cells.

Quick transitions save time. Close to an important race when fitness gains will be minimal practise transitions so that they become natural and automatic.

Rest – No overuse injuries occur while reading or watching TV. Rest is often overrated amongst athletes. This is where recovery & improvement occurs.

Sodium bicarbonate (0.3grams per kilo of body weight) used two –three hours before important competitions produces a mild alkaline effect in the blood & muscles and delays the build up of lactic acid. Only effective for sprint events.
Surgical spirit rubbed into your feet up to 10 days before a race can help prevent blisters.
Soya – A vegetarian source of protein.

Temperature – Body temperature is determined by the following.
Air temperature – Humidity and training workload and wind speed.
Trans fats are bad for cholesterol, which contributes towards heart disease.
Thermoregulation – The system that regulates the body’s temperature.
Training – The repeated training of the body and mind demanding enough to improve performance specific to the targeted competition or outcome.

Ultraviolet-Radiation, just beyond violet end of visible spectrum.

Vena Cava – This is the large vein, which empties into the right side of the heart.

 Bottled Water varies depending on its source and the type of soil and rock where it comes from.
Natural Mineral Water is considered to be the purest compared to spring water and has far more rigorous tests and is bottled at source so will be more pure and free from any cross contamination
Distilled Water is boiled water evaporated and the vapour condensed so it lacks dissolved minerals
 Filtered Water means that it can contain some organisms such as bacteria and chemicals such as chlorine and pesticides could have been removed.
Filtered water should be used within 24 hours to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination.
Water –Tap Water goes thru a processing treatment often sedimentation solid sink to the bottom. Filtration, which catches any small remaining solids and then disinfected thru chlorination to kill waterborne diseases.
Window of opportunity – Eating immediately after exercise in the first 20 minutes dramatically increases replacement of lost carbohydrates & protein.

X-Ray –Electro-magnetic radiation of short wave lengths able to pass through solid opaque bodies. Photographs made by x-rays.

Yoghurt – Prepared from milk fermented by adding bacteria.
Fresh chilled products available claim to boost the immure system.

Zingiber Officinale – Also known as Ginger.
Used in Eastern dishes. The stems are crystallized for the confectionary.
Zymotic- Of fermentation.