Mexico Cozumel Ironman

Mexico Cozumel Ironman

Swim 2.4 miles– cut off 2 hours 20 minutes
I lap ocean sea swim
Big Buoys every 200m make this an easy swim to follow.
Expect to swim against the current at the start and you will be with the current towards the final part of the swim
Water temperature 84 degrees.
Non wet suit swim.

Bike 112 miles (180km) 3 lap Ironman Bike course
10:30 elapsed cut off time after start of the swim.
Starts at Chankanaab parking lot at T1
A 3 lap cycle course along the coastline of beaches and resorts.
Lap one & lap two total are 63 km each and the third lap is 54km = 180km
Generally a flat fast course in an anti clock wise direction.
Good road smooth conditions.
Each lap passes by the City Hall between T2 and the end of the Ironman bike finishes in the centre of downtown next to Cozumel’s City Hall.
Past Cozumel Mexico Ironman finishers describe the 180km bike as beautiful.
The finish line.
Conditions warm but strong gusting side winds. No disc wheels are permitted.
Bike feed stations
Water bottles and Gatorade bottles will be available.
Bike rules should you have a mechanical problem you can continue walking with your bike.

Course directions
(From Ironman Mexico web site
Upon leaving T1 at Chankanaab park, turn right on the Cozumel highway for about 12 miles towards the south side of the Island (Punta Sur), at this point you will continue towards the north for about 9 miles right next to the ocean, with strong cross winds,  until the junction with Juarez Ave. (a place called Mezcalitos), where you will turn left and go straight until 30th Ave. where you´ll turn left and go  straight to 11th street, turn right until City Hall to complete lap 1. Two more and you will have finished this beautiful bike ride. The entire course is flat and the pavement is in perfect conditions.)   

Run 26.2 miles (42.195km) Cut off time 17 hours after start of event.
3 lap out & back that passes by the scenic water front down town plaza and the famous parts of the town.
Marked every 1 mile and every 5km.
Ironman finish is in downtown Cozumel by the City hall plaza.

The run will start towards the North along the main street (Rafael Melgar Ave.) until reaching the turnaround point near the Cozumel Golf Course.   It will be an out and back course to which you will run 3 laps and finish right in front the City Hall inside the main plaza.     

Car access will be totally restricted in this course.

You will find aid stations every other Km with orange and lemon flavor regular Gatorade, water, ice, Power Bar (bars and gel), Vaseline, Coke and medical assistance.
Bags will be provided for the Special Foods Station located near mid-point on marathon course. Special Foods Station is for nutritional purposes ONLY. All unclaimed bags will be discarded after Special Foods Station is closed.

There will be race officials at every turnaround and along the course, as well as timing mats and video cameras.  

The competitor bib number should be visible at all times during the run, especially at the finish line.

We recommend that you stop your watch a few meters before or after crossing the finish line, so you do not obstruct your race number for your finish photo. We also recommend stopping your watch a few meters AFTER crossing the finish line.
What the finishers think about Ironman Cozumel Mexico.
Great flat course well supported a favorite ironman event.

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Always go to the race briefing and listen race morning. Ironmate is not resposnible for any changes made by the organisers.

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