Cost Of Colostrum

How much does colostrum cost to take a day?
A packet of Neovite is £25 for 300g so for those to fight infection and general health who need 5g a day that’s enough for up to 60 days.
This will cost you less than 50 pence a day or for those who are physically active who need 10 g a day that will cost you £25 a month or less than £1 a day thats cheap if you consider this to the cost of a protein sports bar that has no protective ingredients!

Don’t forget a typical branded cough mixture can cost you £6 and while you are sick your fitness will plummet.

Now is the time to build up your immune system when was the last time you had a cold? I have not had one since taking Colostrum.

Looking to gain the best possible muscle mass naturally and stay healthy at the same time then 15 grams twice per day (30 grams) will cost you £75 a month. Sounds a lot consider a packet of 450g Tesco finest Scottish fillet Steak will cost you £10.79 (2010). correct when i last checked, I am not repsonible for tesco prices!
If you need 300-350 grams of protein per day that’s going to cost you £5 per day why because 350 grams of protein is not all pure protein.
Don’t forget Neovite also do lactose reduce Colostrum.

Don’t forget if you need 300-350 grams of protein a day that is going to cost you in Tesco finest steak £150 a month! Thats a lot of digestion.

Think you will agree its chepaer to take Neovite colustrum for a day -week -month and a year.

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