Correct Cycle Tyre Pressure - 10 top tips

Correct Cycle pressure 

Correct Cycle Tyre Pressure - 10 top tips 

The correct tyre pressure for riding a bike should be performance and comfort. Either is your number one priority this all depends on your requirements speed or comfort.

For triathlon consdier comfort even if you are wanting to place high in your age group 
Below are my top tips having cycled more than 178,000 miles I know a thing or 2 or 3 about correct tyre pressures.
Brands vary so much when it comes to correct tyre pressure
Aim for 10 PSI less on the front than the rear.
You can be safer riding down a wet road with 120 PSI front and 130 PSI rear than 110 pounds on both.
Some latex inner tubes lose air faster than others. Get to know how much they lose during 1 to 5 days
Some inner tubes or tubulars even lose air pressure in a day 

·    #1 always check pressure with a bike pressure gauge not a stand up pump or by feeling by squeezing the tyre!
·    #2 Gator tyres or ones with a strong beading (puncture proof) have a different feel 
·    #3 Road tyres vary considerably 
·    #4 Rider weight – a 60 kg female rider will need less than a 85 kg rider 
·    #5 Conditions – harder in the dry compared to the wet
·    #6 road surfaces – I would never run the same high pressure in the winter over fallen leaves 
·    #7 Lower air pressure when riding after a dry spell then heavy rain compared to dry conditions.
·    For example if 110 front/120 rear works well in the dry then ride 115 front/110 rear in the wet
·    This all depends on many factors some tyres can easily handle 130 PSI 
·    #8 Always Follow manufactures guide lines 

·    #9 Rear MTB should be around 45 pounds per square inch (PSI)
·    #10 Front MTB should be around 35 pounds per square inch (PSI)

I offer precise expert advice only to the athletes who I coach on tyre pressure for training and racing.
This is a good link and explains a lot more