Congestion Charge Information

London Congestion Charge London

What is it?
It’s a charge designed to reduce congestion in central London

Hours of operation.
Monday to Friday
7:00 am to 18:00
No Charge on weekend’s public holidays Christmas Day & New Year’s Day

Area that the Congestion charge covers
A large red circle with white C inside denotes the congestion zone
This is displayed on the road surface often hidden by vehicles in front of you.
Advance signs that give directions will also include congestion logo.
Signs at the entrance to the zone with camera pointing both ways to record vehicle registration numbers.
When you pay you do not get a fine.

Rhino Car hire have a VERY DETAILED LINK AND UP TO DATE OF ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW Map feees fines hours of operation emission & car rental clock THIS LINK

Things you need to know about paying the London congestion charge.
When you have to pay and where the congestion zone is.

Congestion Charge Costs
£9 Paid by auto Pay (see below)
£10 paid by midnight on the day of travel
£12 paid by midnight the following charging day.
You don’t have to pay the very second you enter the congestion zone.
You can pay anytime that day.

Ways to pay the congestion charge (cc)
Autopay – On line – By mobile text messaging (SMS) – Automated telephone service -By telephone speaking to an operator – retail shop (displaying C logo)  – by post in advance.

£10 a day, you only pay once a day no matter how many times you come in and out of the zone.

Frequently asked questions?
What area does it cover?
Will I go into the congestion zone?
Find out if the address is within the congestion area?
Then go to link below & type in post code (zip code)

Ways to pay for the London congestion Charge.

Where you see the Congestion charge sign on display at
Retail shops
Petrol stations BP
Some self service machines.

Congestion Charge Telephone numbers
0845 900 1234
Impaired hearing use Textphone 0207 649 9123
You can ask at the hotel you are staying at who can help.
Hire car companies should also be able to help you.

If you have set up an account with congestion charge
Giving all your details including car registration number and credit card details.
You can simply pay by text

Pay the London congestion charge by text in less than 20 seconds
Easy steps to text the congestion charge

Go to text facility on your phone
Text last 4 digits of your credit card (front of the card) & text to 81099.

OFFCIAL WEBSITE Transport for London

You should receive a text confirmation back within 30 minutes.
Often a text comes back within 60 seconds.
Read the text because it may advise you that the transaction has not gone thru.

Different car (rental car partners car) no problem.

Text to congestion 81099 last four digits of your card leave a space then type in different car registration and you will receive a text back confirming you have paid.

example last 4 digits of credit card (space) then car registration number

                     example   1234 (space) AA55 LCC                                  

     (Check & read text to make sure payment has gone through and for the correct car & its not a failed text reply)

You can only pay by text on the day entering the zone not the day before or the next day.

Click here to register or pay the congestion charge without registering on line

Set up an account and pay £10 each year and every day the registered car goes into the congestion charges you only £9.
You will also pay once a month and receive a statement.
Auto pay link
For your advice only
Please check the official transport for London TFL web site for changes and full information below.

Changes to the congestion zone FROM 4th January 2011.

Removal of Western extension
Price now £11.50
Congestion charge auto pay
Exempt from payment
Electric Vehicles
Plug in Hybrids (PHEV’s)

PCN = Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)
The fine is £60 if paid within 28 days AFTER THAT IT IS  £120

It’s a painful experience to forget to pay in time (by midnight the following charging day after), did not realize, did a u turn and the camera catch you.
I have not known anyone appeal and be let off.
Stress kills the sooner you pay the fine & reduce the stress the better.
The owner of the car will receive a fine in the post with a picture of the vehicle & registration in the congestion zone.
If you have paid or the vehicle is exempt then write and inform giving all the details including PCN number.

Pay the London congestion charge fine for not paying click on link below
The above is your help. Check the web site for updates and changes.
This web site is not liable for any fines you get as a result of changes or misunderstanding while using our free advice.
Sorry we cannot answer individual enquiries about the congestion charge.
Call congestion charge direct on 0845 900 1234.

Depend who you speak to, they will be helpful or lack enough information.

Correct at time of posting January 2011 E&OE

This web site is not responsible for changes to the conngestion charge.

I have been using the congestion charge since the 2nd day it started, I avoided the first day just in case.

The above information is ONLY a guide to help you ALWAYS CHECK WITH