Colostrum All You Need To Know


Food for health and performance.
Recommended by physicians and coaches for immune system support and digestive efficiency.

What is Colostrum?
It’s the most highly dense nutrition milk produced by the mother in the first 72 hours after birth.
It is high in natural antibiotics able to protect against diseases infections & keep the immune system strong.
It is easily digested & inhibits viral infection.
It is low in fat high in carbohydrate & protein
It’s a natural low fat diary protein powder.
Cows Colostrum is almost identical to human Colostrum.
Anti-inflammatory compounds.
It works in the same way as a probiotic like a friendly bacteria.
It has been called the anti cancer agent.
Has anti-inflammatory properties & can help with anemia common among endurance athletes

30 years in sport
I have been competing in running since 1980 and triathlons since 1983 and have crossed the finish line in over 1,000 races in 18 countries.
I have found that my recovery rate is much slower in now at 50 than it was when 20.
The main reason I went quicker in the Ironman in 2007 than 1987 was because I was more experienced and that I was taking Neovite Colostrum.
I have been taking Colostrum for over 5 years now and I noticed a big difference after about 6 weeks.
I am less tried the next day when I train particularly after a hard work out.
I notice my sleep quality is much better; this is noticeable when I have forgotten to take it and feel more tired until I start taking Neovite again.
It does not matter what age sex or species mammal can benefit from taking Colostrum on a daily basis.
It can help young and old & animals and improve their immune system, improve concentration & memory.
Can help with prostrate health.
Studies have shown that destroy bacteria parasites toxins viruses & yeast

Reasons why you should also take Neovite.
It’s Natural, simple and easy to digest.
Helps maintain muscle & can increase mass for the over 40
How does Colostrum Work?
Its natural diary powder that is rich in many immune factors. To fight against pathogens (Bacteria Pollutants & viruses)
Pathogens enter the body thru the mucous membranes.
Colostrum contains antibodies and immunoglobulin’s that are absorbed to improve internal immune system but where Colostrum is different and is unique because some is not absorbed but remains in the intestine to strengthen the naturally occurring healthy immune system.
Colostrum is natural and is an effective antibiotic against the fight of diseases, unlike antibiotics is artificial with possible side affects.
The universal healer
Colostrum Internal benefits include the following
Allergies-Alertness improves -Antiviral- Antifungal- Antioxidant- Antibacterial- Arthritis- Auto immune disorders- bacteria elimination- Burns fat- Bowel function- Cartilage repair quicker-Colds- Cholesterol level regulation- Concentration improves- Diabetes- Digestion improvement- Immune system becomes stronger- Irritable bowel syndrome-Feel good factor improves- Flu-Immune system strengthens- Leaky gut syndrome-Muscle growth - Pain reduction- Parasite elimination- increased growth- - Sinus problems improve-Lean muscle mass improvements- Growth improves quicker- Can regulate cholesterol levels- Skin repair- Muscle repair- Viruses eliminated.

Colostrum external benefits include speeding up and improving the following
Burns fat more efficiently- Chronic fatigue syndrome-Diarrhoea reduction-Energy levels increase-General healing increases-Leaner muscle mass Multiple Sclerosis–Rheumatoid Arthritis- Skin burns heal quicker with reduced or no scaring-
Weight Loss
My personal recommendation.
When should you take Neovite Colostrum?
Personally I take it all the time, mostly once a day during first thing in the morning during normal training.
My personal choice is I mix up half a dessert spoon with milk or water and drink it 20 minutes before breakfast, or you can add this made up to cold cereals or porridge after cooking.
Avoid heat as this will protect its potency.
Twice a day during heavy training or for 7 days prior to a long flight to a competition or holiday.
During high volume training phase
Double up sessions or a particularly hard days training take extra Colostrum in the evening.
Training camps
Stressful times
When others around you are coughing and spreading their bugs
At exhibitions when I have to shake many peoples hands or come into contact with lots of people.
When you are in close proximity with other people crowded places buses trains airports etc.
Speeds up the healing of injuries.

Effects noticed after 8 weeks when you will see your recovery from training improve.
It can take that long because it is natural although I have known athletes who have fatigued to notice the difference in less than 10 days.
Taken Neovite
Totally healthy while taking Neovite.
Helps with muscle mass
Take it after a hard training less tired the next day.
You will notice sleep quality much better and if you forget to take it you will notice the difference
If you get ill after training camp during the winter months or after back to back races then Colostrum is for you.
Training takes a while to show unless you take Colostrum.
In the 1980’s volume was key to performance and recovery and immunity was never mentioned now it is discussed about more important than training.
My point of view when I was
What does Colostrum taste like?
It takes just like normal milk when mixed with water or milk.
I have not known anyone who has tried it to say that they don’t like the taste.
Sports science journals show
Increase gains against lean mass providing the training is done.
You won’t get results alone without correct training.
Can enhance your performance.
Definatly a benefit for any age.
If you stay fit and healthy without breaking down your training will be more consistent and your fitness levels will improve.
Winter less illness as Colostrum strengthens the immune system.
Colostrum regulates the immune response vital after demanding training.
It can also destroy a wide range of harmful pathogens.
Colostrum also has the ability to enhance rejuvenation of skin and muscles.
Can be literally life saving for babies.
Has been used against Aids and cancer.
Stops the attachment of a particular bacteria that can cause stomach ulcers
Absorb the nutrients recover better you can continue to train.
When athletes train hard they reduce their immune system resulting in allergies asthma infections injuries and inflammation.
Taking Colostrum can reduce and even eliminate any possibility of the body becoming weak.
 Colostrum is breast milk given to the new born for their under developed immune system allowing protection to the gastrointestinal infections.

What Colostrum contains
Lactoferrin (LF) antibacterial antifungal anti-viral promotes bone growth.
Proline immunotropic functions and promotes T cells.
Casein has been shown to reduce tumor growth.
Glycomacropeptide antibacterial properties.
Antioxidants –there are many antioxidants found in Colostrum
Vitamin A C & E
Minerals can include copper iron & zinc
Fatty acids include docosahexaenic & Eicosapentaenoic.
Polyunsaturated fatty acids.
Factors in Colostrum can inhibit growth nasty bacteria.
Antibodies & Bioactive protective agents & can fight against
Factors in Colostrum may help fight against E coli.
Ghrelin can stimulate the appetite which is thought to help the new born to continue feeding and help with growth after birth.
 Many athletes’ triathletes have problem absorbing foods without actually realizing it; Colostrum helps by lining the gut and will improve nutriment absorption.
Better health which results in consistency of training which promotes better performance.
Always feel tired or get colds during the year that they can’t shift
Performance improvements
Capacity to absorb the training much better.
Less tired after taking Colostrum
Improves stamina and reduces recovery times between training sessions.
The athletes that lets there guard down the least wins, make sure you have good nutritional habits all the time.
Colostrum description
What Neovite say on the packet
Neovite is Colostrum, cow’s first milk collected in the first two days after calving and is exceptional source of nutrition.
Colostrum is rich in bacteria protective agents, antibodies and repair factors.
Principle bioactive components.
Repair factors help cell and tissue growth by stimulating DNA formation:
Immunoglobulin’s (antibodies) neutralize toxins and destroy bacteria and viruses.
Lactpferrin is an anti-viral, anti bacteria, iron binding protein; Protein-Rich Polypeptide regulate functions of the thymus gland.
Interleukins stimulate the production of interferon which slow down viral reproduction
Lactoperoxidase, Xanthine Oxidase and Lysozyme destroy bacteria and viruses on contact.
Cytokines regulate the duration and intensity of the immune response.
Trysin and Protease inhibitors prevent Helicobacter pylori from attaching to the walls of the stomach.
Oligo-polysaccharides & Glycoconjugates promote friendly bacteria in the gut.
Amino Acid profile
Alanine, Arginine, Aspartic Acid, Cystine, Glutamic acid, Glycine, Histidine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methoionine, Phenylalanine, Proline, Serine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Tyrosine and Valine.
Typical composition
Per 100g
Energy 360 kcal
Protein 52g (1gG 12%)
Carbohydrate (Lactose) 37g
Fat 0.8g
Lactoferrin 0.3g
Brief description
Baby’s first milk
Contains good bacteria or Bifidus Flora
How much Colostrum should I take?
Using Neovite
Immune or digestive needs
½ to 1 dessert spoon once per day
Recovery from injury or effort
1 dessert spoon twice a day
Muscle builds up
2-3 dessert spoons twice a day
(1 rounded dessert soon = 5 grams)
Quality Statement
Produced and processed in New Zealand to the highest of standards under government supervision.
Neovite is certified free from BSE.
Our cows are free range and are not given hormones or antibiotics or exposed to pesticides, heavy metals or other chemicals.
Neovite is de fatted, pasteurized and spray dried.
For more information or orders and up to date news go to Neovite website on
+44 (0) 208 244 8383
Colostrum UK Limited
25 Giles Coppice
SE19 1XF
Users with digestive disorders should test for any lactose sensitivity with one teaspoon of Neovite and live yoghurt.
Correct at time of printing 2007
(Copied from packet of 300g Neovite packet 2010)

Description of Colostrum.
Referred to is newly secreted milk in the 3 days after birth produced by the mother that is very rich in antibodies to protect the new born against bacteria and viruses & also contains growth factors.
Colostrum is the milk produced from the mother’s mammary glands during the first 72 hours after birth.
Within two weeks after birth the Colostrum changes to mature milk but still contains some to the Colostrum protection benefits while being breast fed.
Unbelievable but true in the early 50’s & 60’s many doctors recommended mothers did not breast feed their new babies.
After puberty the amount of growth factors start to gradually decline. It’s natural for the older generations to become more susceptible to disease and illness while our enthusiasm energy levels decline.
Colostrum has natural growth and immune factors to help our make our immune system healthy. It also resists against every day life that we face from allergens contaminant pollution that are around us 24/7/
Colostrum can also improve our ability to burn fat essential for endurance athlete’s runner’s swimmers & triathletes. This results in less nutrition that is required during endurance sports. If you need less food during competitions you reduce the chances of digestive problems and can perform much faster.
Diseases - Colostrum can cure and help include anemia, asthma, chronic fatigue & pain, diabetes, gout, hemorrhoids, influenza, joint injuries, post surgery recovery, nerve injuries, shingles, stress, stroke, tendonitis, thyroid disorders & ulcers.
Colostrum is a proven source of protein and also has insulin growth factor 1gF-1 required for cell renewal. Also has growth hormone (GH)
Colostrum was believed to only help the new born straight after birth for much needed immune system and growth. Now it is known to help anyone from any walk of life and helps with everyday stress.
Stomach ulcers caused by aspirin & ibuprofen can be cured by Colostrum.
Body builders have used it to promote muscle growth.
Skin complaints –Can also be used externally use by making it into a paste with pure water and applying it to the damaged or infected area 2-3 times a day.
Teeth that are sensitive can also be treated with home made Colostrum paste.
I have taken daily amounts from 1,000 to 4,000 mg per day with no side affects.
How long is Colostrum active for once taken?
It lasts for about 16 hours so for more than maintenance take twice a day.
Ever wondered why it takes us?
1-Takes longer each decade to fight off colds and flu.
2-Take longer just to recover and were are more prone to disease
3- More vulnerable to disease and infections
4- Our skin loses its elasticity
5- We lose our energy & enthusiasm in our later years.
6- We now live longer than our great grand parents so will naturally be more susceptible to more illness in our later years
This is all because our bodies produce less of the healthy growth and immune factors vital for vitality.
Take Colostrum because life is worth it, don’t forget about “Killer bugs in hospitals”
“Without an immune system death is likely to occur very soon” Ironmate 2007
Death is more likely to occur as we live much longer now in our twilight years due to old age weak and loss of the immune system.
How long has Colostrum been around for thousands of years and been a natural food choice to stay healthy.
It has been documented and was used before the antibiotic penicillin became available. I have not personally experienced any side effects from Colostrum however taking antibiotics can have side effects.
There are many scientific studies about the Colostrum and its healing health qualities.
Faster recovery means faster fitness.
Part of improved fitness is faster recovery, just like intervals the quicker we can recover in 30 -90 seconds the quicker we can train hard again. Improving our hourly daily recovery is much the same so this is where Colostrum plays a very important part in training and recovery.
It can prevent over training, I have not been over trained since taking Colostrum. Yes I am more experienced now and use a structured training plan but with life frenetic lifestyle and information over load I need every advantage I can get.
Reduce the chances of getting coughs and colds and if you do increase the chances that you will be a world beater to a speedy recovery.
Taking Colostrum for many years I have not had any side effects!
“Colostrum is the most natural potential life saving product available to man kind, 2nd only to water to keep us alive” Ironmate 2006.
Probably the most potent naturally occurring food aid available to man in the 21st century
Ironmate copyright © 2005
Copy from Neovite web site
Colostrum provides essential nutrients and antimicrobial compounds required for normal growth during the first few days of life, Neovite Colostrum and first milk also contain important repair factors. Repair factors include insulin-like growth factors IGF-1 and IGF-2, transforming growth factors TGF-b1 and TGF-b2 and epithelial growth factor EGF.
neovite's repair factors regulate cellular division, synthesize new protein and increase efficiency of nutrient uptake. They shift fuel utilization from carbohydrate to fat, producing fuel more efficiently. Insulin-like growth factors help supply muscles with fuel during long-term exercise and help rebuild glycogen stores during recovery. Colostrum is rich in carnitine, important for long chain fatty acid metabolism within the mitochondria. Epithelial Growth Factor has a potent effect on the gut to enhance nutrient absorption.
The Finnish Olympic Ski Team athletes were subjected to acute exercise and levels of their blood creatine-kinase (the marker for muscle damage) were monitored for seven days. Compared to the placebo group, the athletes who consumed Colostrum showed half the blood creatine-kinase levels four days after the acute exercise. They were less fatigued and their performance improved.
Dr John Buckley, presented a paper at the Australian Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport on the benefits of dairy Colostrum supplementation for sports performance. The study showed that oral supplementation with dairy Colostrum improves the ability to perform a second bout of maximal exercise following a relatively short period of recovery from a prior bout of maximal exercise.
Greater lean muscle mass
As well as increasing recovery from effort, studies show the improved absorption of amino acids and repair factors to muscles and vital organs by Colostrum brings greater lean muscle mass and lower body fat. neovite's amino acid profile includes Arginine. Arginine is glycogenic, which helps the body burn calories efficiently. It is considered crucial for optimal muscle growth and tissue repair. It stimulates the release of growth hormones and promotes wound healing and regeneration of the liver.
Neovite also contains protein factors which have very important anabolic properties involved in signaling to deliver muscle repair and growth response without upsetting the balance of hormones, which leads to disproportionate growth and other unpleasant side effects. Unlike steroids, Neovite does not interfere with the body's natural hormonal functions. These factors are found in high quality first milk and colostral powder such as Neovite. They are:
Insulin-like Growth Factors (IGF-I and IGF-II)
Transforming Growth Factor-B (TGF-B)
Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF)
Epithelial Growth Factor (EGF)
There are other nutrients of value in Neovite to the serious athlete, but none have received the same attention as IGF-1. A small amount of IGF-1 leads to increasing cellular division, changing the structure of the dividing cells, synthesizing new protein and increasing efficiency of nutrient uptake.
Studies have shown that dairy Colostrum can increase the serum levels of IGF-1 in male athletes. As it has been shown that IGF-1 in Colostrum is only absorbed into the blood stream in fragmented segments, it is likely that this increase in serum IGF-1 levels occurs via the combination of training, conditioning of the digestive tract and possible enhanced stimulation of human IGF-1 synthesis via the intestinal mucosa. If a person has an unhealthy digestive system, then they will not adequately absorb the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that they need to stay healthy. If their body is able to absorb these nutrients, they will recover faster after effort. One of the factors contained in dairy produce is lactoferrin - an iron binding compound which aids the absorption of iron. Studies also show that other factors assist the recovery of the microvilli (finger-like projections lining the gut walls responsible for digestion) after damage by infection or prescription drugs or even ibuprofen. The restored gut surface means greater nutrient absorption, means more nutrients for the body to use, means faster recovery from effort. Research in this area has been undertaken here in the UK at Hammersmith Hospital, by Professor Raymond Playford. Read more by going to
For an athlete, the combination of first milk’s repair factors, immune modulating compounds, minerals and vitamins that are contained in Neovite have a beneficial effect on recovery, development and performance.

Stronger bones and tendons, and faster repair of damaged tissue
Neovite contains natural antibodies for immune boost, immuno-modulatory components that act as anti-inflammatory agents and factors which aid in growth and strength. These allow maximal training as the immune system does not become depressed, the athlete does not become sick and the strengthened tissue is less likely to be damaged. Read more go to
if an injury does occur, neovite’s repair factors help to rebuild muscle, bone and cartilage. Neovite contains proteins with properties for signaling muscle repair and growth, without upsetting the normal hormonal balance.
The role of Interleukin One (IL-1) in Neovite is that of an immune modulator, but it also has the effect of producing basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF). In a difficult muscle or tendon injury fibroblasts are the first line of repair. Both acidic and basic FGF, present in Colostrum, stimulate proliferation of muscle cells. The single most important effect of basic FGF is its induction of more IGF-1 receptors in muscle, preparing it to become anabolic (to grow).
Repair factors prepare muscle satellite cells for proliferation and differentiation, particularly in conjunction with fibroblasts during the healing process, and brings about strong autocrine IGF-1 production. Terminal differentiation to myotubules completes the healing event, and is directed almost entirely by IGF-1.
A study confirms the two compounds similar to EGF - Transforming Growth Factors-A & B (TGF), coupled with IGF-1 - are biochemically unsurpassed in their role in cartilage and muscle repair. TGF-B is present in the regeneration processes but with specific application in cartilage. This compound, along with IGF-1, directly stimulates the development of cartilage in vitro. TGF-B is present in Colostrum at a concentration 10-fold that of blood serum. Though its effects have a known capacity to inhibit proliferation but not differentiation of muscle, it is the second best compound available for the synthesis and repair of cartilage. IGF-1 is the best, and was first identified by its ability to enhance chondroitin synthesis and sulfation of proteoglycans.
Repair factors also play important roles in the control of osteoblast (bone deposition) function through complex cellular and molecular mechanisms of action. The most prominent factors are those produced locally by osteoblasts and are present in the bone matrix. They include IGF, FGF, TGF, and bone morphogenetic proteins. Some of the signaling mechanisms of these factors have been identified in osteoblastic cells. Read more go to
The documents contained in this web site are presented for information purposes only. The material is in no way intended to replace professional medical care or attention by a qualified practitioner. The materials in this web site cannot and should not be used as a basis for diagnosis or choice of treatment.

Press Release below:
Sport may challenge the spirit, cleanse the mind and toughen the body, but it doesn’t always lead to moderation. It can be tough to keep off the road if you’re getting good results or if there’s a competition on the horizon. Too much enthusiasm can lead to overtraining, when the work outweighs the rest and the muscles don’t complete their recovery.
Top elite athletes in cross country, marathon and ultra distance endurance competitions are learning to pay attention to this balance through the clever use of a traditional food to keep their bodies in harmony and are getting the race results to show for it. It’s called Neovite Colostrum.
Sharon Gayter, 2009 Commonwealth 24 Hour Champion and Great Britain’s top female 24 hour runner for the last thirteen consecutive years, 42, ran the staggering distance of 837 miles from Lands End to John O’Groats and in the process broke the all comers record by 17.5 hours.
Over the 12 days Sharon was on the road she overcame the sufferings of her body and completed the distance. “Stage races and ones that last 24 hours are usually won by women in the 40-45 age range, so I definitely feel that I am at my peak right now,” says Sharon.
This feat was fraught with all the stumbling blocks you’d expect, namely, injuries. “I was averaging 65 miles a day and had a lot of soft tissue damage to my muscles,” says Sharon. “The main obstacles were a niggling Achilles heal injury, asthma attacks, sleep deprivation blistered and swollen feet. But disaster stuck just past the halfway point when I pulled my leg muscle and couldn’t bend my knee. At this point I resigned myself to walking for the rest of the way. I anticipated being out for at least 6 weeks with this type of injury. At the time I genuinely felt the record was out of reach.”
Sharon did soldier on and attributes her triumph to the performance and recovery benefits of Neovite Colostrum. “The improved recovery from training first attracted me to Colostrum. On the advice from my sponsors, I put a little Neovite in all my sports drinks while running and couldn’t taste it at all. It was my like little security blanket. The mineral density of my bones is well below normal and I was really scared of getting a stress fracture. After I pulled the leg muscle, I thought my fears were coming true but to my amazement the Colostrum got me back to running after just 4 days. I couldn’t believe it was possible. It worked incredibly well and the end result was that I took over 17 hours off the record. Absolutely stunning.”
In March 2008, Sharon set another record in the Libyan Challenge, an extremely hot non-stop desert race, at just over 36 hours. Neovite helped maintained her energy levels throughout the race with no stomach discomfort at all. Just three weeks later she recovered enough to run the Marathon Des Sables.
Proud of her achievements Sharon says “In December last year I set the World’s Best Indoor 24 Hour Performance for 2008 and a new British Indoor Record of 219km. Husband Bill was supporting me and put a teaspoon of Neovite in all my drinks taken.”
Neovite Colostrum is the first milk produced by cows during the first 48 hours after birth. Colostrum provides newborns with the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids they need to make it through the first days of life. The product is imported from New Zealand from the surplus after the calves have been fed. It is a rich source of bioactive components such as immunoglobulins, cytokines, interleukins and growth factors.
Colostrum is recommended by the English Institute of Sport performance nutritionist Nigel Mitchell, who advises British Cycling. UK riders have a regular supply from the leading brand Neovite which offers products that have been screened by drug testing laboratory HFL Sports Science.
Neovite powder can be mixed with energy drinks or foods to give the immune system a boost and reduce illnesses from colds and flu. Marathon runners taking Colostrum increased their levels of salivary antibodies (IgA) by 79%, their front line of defence against colds and throat infections. But better results are not just down to keeping healthy. Supplementation in hockey players resulted in improvements in sprints and jumps. In another trial, competitive cyclists had an overall 2.2% increase in performance in a 40k time trial after intense training.
Professor Ray Playford, eminent gastroenterologist, has published research showing dairy Colostrum to be effective for colitis and inflammatory bowel disorders as well as preventing gut damage caused by the use of NSAID pain-killers.
Research on marathon runners has also found that their antibody levels drop significantly after long periods of training and they have discovered that one in seven runners come down with respiratory infections after running a marathon. These kinds of odds can put a serious dampener on long term training goals for both the individual and the club. However, it is possible to improve the body’s defences.
In a Colostrum study of distance runners, salivary antibodies (IgA) increased by 79% after 12 weeks use. These are essential defences against respiratory tract infection.
All too commonly runners have IBS or ‘Runner’s Trots.’ It’s not yet known precisely why runners suffer with these problems but Colostrum is making headway in their treatment. “It’s clear that Colostrum can offer people a greater choice in treating a wide range of unpleasant and sometimes life threatening gut problems,” says Professor Ray Playford, the UK’s leading research gastroenterologist and deputy head of Queen Mary’s School of Medicine, University of London.
“This discovery is exciting because it is a completely natural food that studies have shown to have extremely positive results in the treatment gastro-intestinal conditions and gut injury.” Professor Playford is currently conducting further studies to measure how Colostrum reduces the gut permeability suffered by distance runners, a condition that can lead to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome if unresolved.
Aberystwyth University has recently completed a study where Neovite Colostrum was used to counter exercise-induced immunodepression. Twenty healthy, active men cycled for 2 hours at 64 % VO2 max after 4 weeks of daily Neovite or placebo. In measures of their innate immune response, Neovite speeded the recovery of neutrophil function and limited the decrease of salivary lysozyme, two more first line defenses against respiratory infection.
Author Dr Glen Davison says, “The results confirm that bovine Colostrum supplementation has some beneficial effects on the immune system and limits some of the effects induced by physical stressors such as exercise. This may confer some benefit to our defenses against infection and may help to explain the findings from previous studies in athletes, where those taking bovine Colostrum reported fewer days with illness”
Getting peak performance from athletes is achieved by keeping them healthy over a sustained period of time. But this is tough if their training is working against their goals. “Running is hugely taxing on the body and can suppress the immune system, making you more susceptible to colds and flu, especially in the winter,” says Joe Beer, renowned endurance sports coach and author. “It’s common after an illness for your running times to be slower, your heart rate to be elevated and for there to be a sweeping drop in your training momentum.”
Athletes he trains who use Colostrum have improved recovery rates, increases in strength, and lean muscle mass and better performances against the clock. However, the most positive reports are that clients are having fewer bouts of illness and less stomach trouble. “Colostrum provides a gradual accumulation of better health and consistency in my athletes’ training which results in faster running times,” says Joe.
Joe Beer is not alone in the results he is achieving. Matt Lovell, Elite Sports Nutritionist and advisor to RFU had this to say: “Colostrum is valuable support to your nutrition during periods of intense training. It offers background immune support and is a great benefit to digestive health and wellness. I use Colostrum for both athletes and the general public.”
Colostrum is the first food we all taste when we’re born. Collecting first milk from goats and cattle has been part of our diet for the last 10,000 years. Sports people will always seek the cutting edge for performance and health nutrition. National squads and champion clubs in rugby and soccer already use our Colostrum, with individual winners and record breakers in cycling and running. The benefits they gain serve as markers for the rest of us.
We see it becoming a cost-effective tier of treatment for inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, IBS, recurrent respiratory infection, wound healing, muscle loss, chronic fatigue and auto-immune disorders. Colostrum, a taste we all forgot, has a long future in human health.
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