Clothing For Sport - What To Look For?

Every clothing manufacturer has their own name to give them an unque selling feature. When choosing athletic clothing considers the demands you need and match them to the following features.
AIR – permeable to allow air to pass through.

COMFORTABLE – Fits you snugly.

BREATHABLE – To keep your body temperature constant without getting too hot and allow perspiration to evaporate.

BRIGHT – Different colours for better visibility in all conditions for example bright colours in the day.

FLEECE – For comfort and warmth

GENER SPECIFIC – made to fit Men or women

INSULATION – To keep you warm

MULTI-PANEL – To support and allow for movement.

POCKETS – to carry personnel belongings like food, money, keys, mobile phone etc.

QUICK DRYING – A purpose made triathlon wetsuit will dry quickly after you have come out of the water. Also this has a benefit for drying quicker after washing.

RECOVERY – Good at being super stretch.

REFLECTIVE - For safety when outside in the dark.

STRETCH ABILITY - Good for performance.

SPORT SPECIFIC – i.e. cycling jersey longer at the back to keep back covered when you lean over the bike

WATERPROOF- Gore-Tex was one of the first breathable water proof materials used in sport from 1985.

There are probably hundreds of different features the list below is just a general summary.
Every sport has its own particular requirements.

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