Client Agreement & IronMate Copyright

Client agreement
1. By engaging in your training programme or advice I have provided or after our coaching experience (Swimming Cycling Running Bike Fit Strength & Core fitness Nutrition advice) with Mark you agree to do so at your own risk & assume associated risk of injury.
2. If you have any doubts please contact me before participating or carrying out my advice provided.

I do not give opinions i give expert advice so the "Athlete" provides feedback or gives me their login details for their data via (Training Peaks Movescount WattBikes Polar Flow etc) without this i would be guessing at what you need to do. To help me help you i must have plans of future events holidays etc in advance.


My preferred contact is via email.
The only exception to receiving text messages are.
Only text me within 24 hours of our coahcing session or on the day we are planning to meet for coaching.
If you do not have email then we agree best way to communicate.
Please DO NOT TEXT ME if you have already emailed me.
If your "A" most important event is within 48 hours i will repsond to emails if i can or we can speak so please do not duplicate by texting me.    
Please note i DO NOT respond to any message (email Watts App Face Time) when i am coaching or driving. 
I may answer your phone call (Hands Free) if i am able to.
If you are not able to adhere to the above then we need to speak about the amount of support you are entitled to. 

I have 5 devices that i can recieve emails so If i ask you for information please reply as much detail as possible. Do not reply with ok will do i will later, this results me in deleting 5 Unnecessary emails. 

1. The Athlete always calls me at a mutaully convenient time. 

2. “What if workouts” are designed to help you and eliminate such risk too numerous to mention, please see some examples below

3. Open water is too cold to complete the full distance then instead train in a pool or use an indoor swim bench instead. Never swim alone in open water always tag onto a swim buddy. Outdoor water temperatures can vary just because it was Ok to swim out doors in April does not mean the water temperature will be warmer in May or June. Waves Water Temperature Currents Wind Chill Factor etc. will all make your open water experience much tougher. 

4. Cycling outdoors due to high winds, fog, snow, black ice flooding rain etc. then complete workout in doors and train for 15>30% less than your training plan.

5. Running workouts make sure you have suitable shoes for the purpose and suitable clothing for the conditions taking into consideration the weather forecast. 

6. Mark will be more than happy to offer precise advice to you should you require it. 

7.Telephone calls Face Tme Watts App or Skype- It is with regret if you miss your agreed time then we have to reschedule another time to speak in the future at a mutually convienient time. 75% of fee for speaking has to be paid advance. 

8. Coaching contact is via email. Text messages should be only if you have no email facility or for emergency purposes only. PIn th eevent you have to text me during normal working hours

9. Fees can be made via to either of the following either via my bank or PayPal in £ or mutual agreement in the following currencies $ or Euros or other legal currencies 

IronMate Coaching

The information I provided you with has IronMate Copyright & covers the following. 
1. You are not entitled to pass any information i have provided you with to someone, a club or organisiation or onto social media (Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn or via Email)  during our coaching or after we no longer work together, information i have provided you with is covcered by copyright laws to protect me as the origator. This is how i earn my living.
2. Please do not pass it onto anyone who is not currently coached by Mark Kleanthous 
3. Please do not use it for coaching in the future whether its for a friend, family member or for financial gain
4. Please do not use part or its entire contents on social media 
5. Any of the above is breaking copyright law. 
If you need to supply this infomration to another person -coach or specialist expert advisor then please contact me first. 
Copyright protects me the creator or my original work as a performance coach and author. You are not allowed to distribute photocopy any of my work to individuals, groups or clubs or companies. 
As the author of my books I own total original Literary, which means I am the only person allowed to make copies of my work, I am the only person to distribute copies of my work, I am the only person to display it on social media & make modifications or adaptations or translate it. 
It is illegal for anyone to use or pass on my work without my prior permission.
As the creator of my training plans fact sheets I have the right to control what people who have access to it.

Terms & Conditions regarding Coaching

1. Items on Loan from IronMate Mark Kleanthous
You agree as part of IronMate coaching to the following. 
2. Any item on loan during Ironmate Coaching has to be returned within 7 days after no longer being coached by Mark Kleanthous. The item must be sent to mark direct making sure a signiture is required upon receiptt & or with a tracking number.

3.Failure to do so after 7 days a daily fee for hire of 10% will be incurred based on the item or items at the current recommended retail price (R.R.P) per day for each of the items on loan.  


1. Payment fees are due at the start of preparing training plans - nutrition advice or for services I have specially prepared for you
2. The coaching platform i use reminds me when your next plan is due based on payment recieved. 
3. Regretfully if payment is not recieved then i am unable to preapre or provide any future advice.
4. If you pay my fees monthly then final fee can be paid in part for weeks for information you have enjoyed recieivng. 

5. Payemnet is due at least 48 hours before all One2One Coaching or Skype FaceTime WattsApp Speaking & mentoring sessions.


Ironmate cancelation policy.

The Athlete (you)

The athlete has the right to cancel coaching at any time. By agreeing to coaching you accepet that IronMate Mark has the right to stop coaching you, this has only happened once before. I will provide you a reason & 7 days notice. Payment will be refunded asap at my convenience for any coaching not provided. 

All communication is via email or by telephone conversation, if email is not possible by you are me then a text is acceptable as a one off.
Texts are if you have to cancel a 1:2:1 coaching session on the day 
Please do not text me before 8:30 am and after 5:30 pm GMT (Greenwich mean time) 
Athletes outside the UK can Watts App any time as i have my notifications switched off and check them on a regular basis. 

The Coach (Me) 
Reasons for ending our coaching relationship. Four strikes and we stop working together unless of course your event is within the next 4 weeks! The following do not help me help you and other athletes i coach. 

The following count as strikes to invalidate our coaching agreement. 
It is not necessary to text me multiple times on the day we plan on meeting. Only text me if more than 10 minutes late. 
I am a cyclist so DO NOT text while driving
Do NOT CALL ME if driving and you are not using a hands FREE DEVICE.. 
Unless agreed otherwise do not contact me other than email.
Do not TEXT me OR Watts App or send me a FaceBook message or RESEND AN EMAIL if you have already emailed me.
If you ignore my advice (do not run due to a niggle or cold of Flu) more than once after i have advised you NOT TO. 
You must update me within 48 hours of your plan ending (Monday to Friday) or 72 hours  It is not possible to prepare more than two training plans by 9:30am Monday morning. 
If you update me after 4 pm on a Friday your next plan may not be prepared until Monday afternoon.  
If i have not had feedback i cannot prepare your next plan even if i have access to your downloaded data (Garmin Connect Training Peaks Strava etc)
If i have not heard from you and i specially prepare a plan then you reply back that you cannot complete the plan which forces me to prepare a new training plan.
Emails are responded to during normal working hours 8am till 5 pm Monday to Friday. I may occasionally answer an email (this is the exception) rather than the norm 

You failed to enter the event that i have helped you train for. NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN FOR FAILING TO ENTER THE EVENT (Either in time befoe deadline or if event is now full and are no longer accepting entries) 

I set aside mor ethan enough time to dela with training plans and email replies to the athletes i coach,If i am on social media that does not mean i am available to reply to your emails. 

Failure to pay in advance and fees have lasped by 14 days then it is with regret that i am not able to commit to any more coaching.    

Payment MUST BE made with your name as reference and date of if coaching is 1:2:1 Example Alan Smith 14 April 2018. Please DO NOT pay as TRAINING or OPEN WATER SWIMMING OR AS IRONMATE COACHING becuase this is time consuming trying to establish who paid. 

I need to coonfirm 1:2:1 sessions to book the athletes slot so please avoid paying without your name as reference. 
I will give you the attention you deserve and respond back to you based on the coaching service you are entitled to. This is based on our agreed terms for Bronze Coaching - Silver Coaching- Gold Coaching or -Platinum Coaching 
If in doubt please click on this link

IronMate Copyright © 2002 
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