Chrissie Wellingon Wins Roth Challenge Iron Distance Triathlon

Chrissie Wellington 32 from Great Britain beat the course record set last year by Yvonne Van Vlerken of 8:45:48 by an amazing 13 minutes and 49 seconds!
Two times Kona Hawaii Ironman world champion 2007 & 2008, Chrissie is the fastest Iron women in history to cover the 140.2 miles swimming 2.4 miles cycling 112 miles and running 26.2 mile marathon including changing.
Her world record was 8 hours 31 minutes and 59 seconds or an average speed of 16.4 miles per hour swimming cycling and running!
She ran her 3rd sub 3 hour marathon at the end of the iron distance triathlon.
Chrissie Wellington has won her last 7 Iron distance triathlon events consequective.
First timer Scottish Catriona Morrison recorded a stunning 8:48:11 which puts her in the top 6 of all time and fastest rookie iron maiden attempt.
Iron women Chrissie , Catriona Morrison and Bella Bayliss between them are all in the top 10 fastest Iron women in the world and are from Great Britain
Roth was formerly the official ironman of Germany now the official title went to Frankfurt Ironman.
The men’s winner was German Michael Goehner in 7 hours 55 minutes and 53 seconds and joins an exclusive club of sub 8 hour Iron distance finishers.
Roth Iron distance triathlon is no stranger to world records because Thea Sybesma was the first woman to go sub 9 hours with 8:55:29 here in 1991 while then Luc Van Lierde held the record of 7:57:02 in 1996 and the first sub 8 hour finish in the world also at Roth
Iron distance race results.
Chrissie Wellington (GBR)
1st Female
Swim 50:28
Bike 4:40:28
Run 2:57:32
Total Time 8:31:59

Catriona Morrison (SCO) finished 3rd behind Chrissie Wellington
3rd Female

Swim 51:46
Bike 4:48:55
Run 3:03:57
Total Time 8:48:11

By Mark Kleanthous 2 x sub 10 hour Quelle Roth Iron distance finisher & Frankfurt ironman finisher 2009.
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Ironman Austria Klagenfurt
July 2009
Bella (Comeford) Bayliss finished the Austria ironman 2009 in 8 hours 50 minutes and 13 seconds for her 5th career Ironman title.
Swim 54:04
Bike 4:49:42
Run 3:00:21
Total Time 8:50:13

Husband Stephen Bayliss finished 3rd overall in
Swim 47:32
Bike 4:32:33
Run 3:53:20
Total Time 8:17:06