China Ironman Prepare And Race Information

Prepare for & Race Ironman China
Information you need to prepare and train for Ironman China
14th march 2010.
Distances swim 2.4 miles Bike 112 miles run 26.2 miles
There is a 70.3 half Ironman and Ironman triathlon on the same day including a relay 70.3 one member swims one cycles and one runs
To date the only place to organise both events on the same day.

There are slots for Ford Ironman World  Championships for Kona Hawaii

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Ironman China –Train for

Ironman China swim
The China Ironman Swim a new design 950m W shape anti-clockwise circuit in the river Nandu with and against the current. Water temperature expected 20-23 degrees.
That’s exiting the water 4 times after each lap.
Course record 2009 Rasmus Henning 40:04
70.3 China swim same as Ironman but 2 laps.
In 2010 the swim was 4 loops of a W shape with about 80m of running on soft sand at the end of each lap.

Having practised swimming the course on many days before the China Ironman no two days were the same.
The direction and the strength of the current was different each time. One day the river was very calm another there were waves caused by the wind coming from the opposite direction to the flowing river.

Some athletes experienced up set tummy and believed it was from swallowing the water from the river.
I personally did not get ill from all my swimming before and during the Ironman, this was due to taking a supplemnet to build up my immune system. For more info send me an e mail to mark @ ironmate co uk

Ironman China Bike
The bike on flat dual carriageway roads that are exposed to the strong 30 mph cross head and tail winds and no shade.
Only hilly thru two villages on each loop.
On a good day this could be a record breaking course for most age group athletes.
I recommend you don’t use a disc wheel on this course.

The Ironman bike is two identical 90km laps. Considered a flat bike route with 2 small steep climbs on each lap.  On open highways on brand new highways with mostly fast smooth tarmac surfaces.
Ironman China course record for the 180k bike is held by Rasmus Henning in 4:29:53
2009 China Ironman Male Winner  Rasmus Henning 

The China Ironman marathon.
2 previous Ironman events temperatures have been recorded at 39 degrees during the run.
Two lap course around the city with sections along the river. Mostly a flat tarmac route.
Out and back on closed roads with very little shade.
Expect strong hot head and tail winds to make your core temperature rise.

Walk thru feed stations and take as much fluid as is possible without risking sickness.
Wear a cap to avoid sun stroke and use plenty of sun block to avoid getting sun burnt.

Almost 30% did not finish many due to sickness, I took Neovite Colostrum to prevent a leaky gut and help cope with the heat.

I was sick at after the finish as a result of heat exhaustion.

Mark Kleanthous 2010 Ironman China finisher 12:29:03
Overall position 129th
Position 8th in 50-54 Age group and
Swim 1:05:33 Bike 6:28:43 (includes 3 punctures) Run 4:45:06

Winner Ironman China 2010 was Luke McKenzie
Swim 45:46 Bike 4:37:51 Run 3:14:51 finishing time 8:41:15 Ironman China course record

Ironman China offer quality bike rental in 2010 for the very first time, so for more information on what is available click on.
This can reduce the hassle factor of taking your bike to the Ironman. and risking it being lost arriving late or damaged.
Check out . Provide full specification size gearing that you require. We understand that not all brands will be available.
If you are sending you r Ironman bike separately (unaccompanied baggage) contact for advice on temporarily importing goods to China.

Competing in Ironman China

Travelling to Ironman China
VISA – Most nationalities will need to apply for a visa in advance before
For quick access to a visa application e downloaded here.

To get to Ironman China you will need to fly into Haikou.
Flights go to Haikou form the following international airports Beijing
Hong King, Kuala Lumpar, Singapore and Shanghai

Hotel – The official hotel of Ironman China is the Crown Spa and Resort, in Haikou. A Chinese 5 star, spa and leisure destination popular with both regional and international traveler’s, the Crown Spa is next to the beach, and has a large swimming pool, as well as spa and massage facilities. Transportation from the Crown Spa will be provided to the start/finish for competitors and spectators. Book rooms online here

INSURANCE – don’t forget to have insurance to cover every eventuality (health lost baggage flight delays etc)
Expected race day conditions: 19-26C (66-78F) with tropical humidity.
Rainfall monthly average 51mm (March)

2009 winners
Swim 40:04 Bike 4:29:53 Run 4:29:53 finish time 8:53:20
2009 China Ironman female winner 2009 Charlotte Paul Swim
54:59 Bike 5:12:01 Run 3:35:44 Ironman finish time 9:48:14

Practice swimming in a current plus improve your U-turns as there are 3 turns per lap that 12 turns.
Cycle training for the China Ironman includes lots of riding in the aero position with out the saddle (stretch) to stimulate the short demanding climbs.
Run on the flat to maintain a good average heart rate required for this Ironman marathon because there is little recovery during this run.
Have your hotel details brochure & the usual questions   written down in Chinese and phrase book with you because not many people speak English
2009 –Half Ironman 70.3 China winners
Male winner Chris McCormack 4:04:44
Female winner Amanda Balding 5:28:55
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