Canada Ironman Triathlon - Train And Race


Training for Ironman Canada and the road to Kona.
There are usually 80 qualifying slots for the Hawaii Ironman World championships for age group and pro triathletes, although this has a large number of slots for this end of season triathlon don’t be fooled the standard is high in each age group who want to go to Hawaii.
Check the web site for more details about the slots available and course, always go to the race briefing.
Expect a range of temperatures during the Canadian Ironman. Cool to start then warming up, can be either hot or cool and often a chance of some rain in the Richter pass area. Each year the winds are different and the morning is no guide to how little or how much the wind blows during the Ironman.
The hardest part is getting an entry as the ironman fills up the day after the Ironman for the next year!

Want a difficult Ironman then this is the course for you especially if you are good on the bike, it’s a challenging Ironman with less than 15 athletes going sub 9 hours.
The following information is from Ironman Canada 2002 finisher Mark Kleanthous, provided to help you have a successful Ironman.
Location – Penticton British Columbia Canada
Established since 1982.
Past Male winners: 
2006 Jasper Blake (CAN) 8:33 - 2007 Kieron Doe 8:32- 2008 Bryan Rhodes 8:30
Past Female winners:
Female: 2006 Belinda Granger 9:25- 2007 Lisa Bentley 9:41 -2008 Belinda Granger 9:17 overall!

SWIM – Starts on the beach and a short run into the Lake Okanagan. One of the most spectacular sights of 2,000 triathletes or 8,000 arms and legs thrashing
One single lap square course. Use tinted goggles for the bright sun made worse by the glare from the bright sun. The lake can be calm or if windy due to the large expanse of water. Its 69 miles long so make sure you stay on course expect waves caused on windy days.
Temperature of water 65-70 but never higher so wet suits are allowed.
BIKE –Mostly flat apart form a few rolling hills over the 180km single lap. Hold back in the first 35-40 miles and save yourself for the two legendary climbs hard on any bike ride let alone during an Ironman. When going up Richter pass and Yellow Lake don’t forget to eat and drink and save yourself for the mostly down hill back to Penticton. I experienced hail stones the year I did ironman Canada.
No real technical parts on the bike. Have arm warmers and a gilett in your saddle bag or special needs bags should the weather change for the worse.
Good or poor road surface look ahead and read the road.
Often windy later on during the bike.
RUN – First goes around the town before it goes out and back along Skaha Lake on rolling hills that take their toll on the return section.

Ironman Canada Training Tip – Turbo training raise front wheel safely by 8cm increasing to 15cm over 4 weeks. Needed for the long steady climbs of Richter pass and Yellow Lake. Eat more if the weather gets cold as you will use up more calories especially on the faster down hill back into Penticton.
Sun sets early but it is still warm to late into the evening.
IRONMAN SPECTATOR TIPS -Finish line funnel fills up early hours before the leader crosses the line. The slight dog leg allows you see and get ready with your camera and voice for your loved ones come back and cross the ironman finish line.

Mark Kleanthous 2002 Ironman finisher in 11:04

Mark is a 30 times Iron distance finisher for coaching and  training tips log onto