British Triathlon National Age Group Middle Distance Championships 2011

British Triathlon National age group championships 2011
Big Cow Emberton Park 3rd July 2011
Cow Man half Iron distance (middel distance championships)

Mens top 3 results

Joe Skipper
1st Swim 25:48
Bike 2:17:57
Run 1:18:13
Total time includes T1 & T2

Hywell Davis
Swim 30:41
Bike 2:17:45
Run 1:18:13
Total time includes T1 & T2

3rd Tom Sturdy
1st Swim 25:44
Bike 2:21:17
Run 1:20:35
Total time includes T1 & T2

Top 3 females
Tracy Cook
1st Swim 28:38
Bike 2:35:13
Run 1:29:08
Total time includes T1 & T2

Amy Forshaw
Swim 28:53
Bike 2:17:45
Run 1:27:28
Total time includes T1 & T2

3rd Sophie Whitworth
1st Swim 28:47
Bike 2:36:19
Run 1:29:59
Total time includes T1 & T2
Special thanks should go out to the following 3 cyclists who stopped during their national championships event to help the guy who crashed after the turn at Newport Pagnal.
Race numbers
#578 James Rushton TFN
#596 Simon Truett Tonbridge Tri
#668 Hamish Shaw Scarab Tri
They looked after him and did nothing wrong and kept him safe until the ambulance came.
They may have DNF on the results page they should have DHI (Did Help Instead)
Oldest Man was Kevin Robinson in the over 75 years catergory.

He did the following all under 7 hours on this demanding triathlon course in very hot conditions
Swim 1:10:10 Bike 2:55:49 Run 2:41:14 including transitions T1 & T2 in 6:59:33

Final competitor was Joe Shotbolt in 8:27:57 who did it for a charity for disabled children to see father Christmas.
Swim 1:04:02 Bike 4:13:23 Run 2:57:58

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