Bradley Smith
Team Ironmate athlete coached by Mark Kleanthous, Bradley Smith (Aspar Aprilia) 18 years old from Oxford won his first Moto GP in Jerez on Sunday 3rd May 2009.

On the podium you could clearly see Team Ironmate logo on his left arm as he covered 2nd & 3rd place with Champagne.

This was Bradley’s first Moto GP win from exactly 50 races, after 15 laps he was a convincing 20 seconds ahead of the rest of the field.

Disaster nearly struck on lap 17 when a problem occurred in 5th gear, the failure causing him to almost be thrown off his Aprilia bike like on a kicking bronco.
His determination and fitness proving he is the best in the world in 125.

He was almost denied the victory as he led from the start with team mate crashing early on.     
Bradley rode around after he had won with a large union jack to the large crowds estimated at 120,000.

Last time a Brittan won in Jerez was in 1973, 36 years ago.

Bradley told his coach Mark Kleanthous that as he came around the last corner and towards the chequered flag it was like he dreamt hundreds of times before only much better.
Valentino Rossi won his 10th race at Jerez and his 95th race in the Main Moto GP race.