Blood O Type Athletes & Triathletes

Blood O type athletes & triathletes.

From my personal experience I have found O types have on going illness, colds seem to re-occur before they have fully recovered.

This was the first blood type, survival of the fitness blood type powerful strong & kill or be killed mentality.
Many diabetics have blood type O due to poor mans diet caused by current diet and higher than average body fat.
Blood O type illness includes mouth & stomach ulcers due to greater production of stomach acid.
Eat in a relaxed manner at the table do not have the TV or loud fats beat music playing.
Never drive and eat or have food when you are anxious wait to you have become more relaxed.
Also O types seem to be more susceptible to upset tummy due to changes in diet when travelling
abroad or during endurance events like ultra marathons or ironman triathlons. Colostrum can solve this if taken for up to 7 days before travelling or you’re a competition.


Avoid caffeine in large amounts because this can cause spikes in adrenaline and unpredictable & extreme behaviour which may be linked to your blood type.

Avoid diary & wheat & foods your original ancestors did not have thousands of years ago.

Foods for the O type

Include 2-4 times a week organic meat.

Sorry but I have now removed the food list for blood group "0" that I suggest you avoid or have for your blood type.

My blood group food list took years from trial & error, it has now been removed due to a minority who have cut & paste this information and have been using it for commercial and financial reward.

I suggest you keep a food diary and monior how you feel we are all different and the problem is if your partner is a differnt blood group A, B or AB then preparing meals can be a challlenge.

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