The best base layer for all types of activity I have used in the last 30+ years

The best base layer for all types of activity I have used in the last 30+ years competing training & coaching others. During cycling running hiking i never got hot or cold.

This is why i love my performance Craft Active Extreme 2.0 Base layer so much.

My 7 Fast Facts about my experience using the Craft Extreme 2.0 Baselayer
1. It fitted snug but allowed me to move without restriction giving me a
2. I have always been a fan of Coolmax® Air this performance base layer had outstanding ability to drive away moisture from my skin.
3. During a week hike in the grand canyon up and down tough terrain it dried while i worked out and dried quickly after washing.
4. It weighs about 100g so very lightweight to carry in my hand language.
5. First impressions i thought the
6. I love the wicking away qualities when i changed my effort from easy to hard then back to easy again no build-up of moisture.
7. Still odour Resistant after 30+ washes

What have i used it for

One week training at 7,000 feet lunchtime high and evening lows in the Grand Canyon then the following week back in the UK training in minus 2 degrees
Hiking in the Grand Canyon
Training in the week before my Ironman i wanted to avoid getting dehydrated this base layer did the job.
Training after my Ironman I find my body can be a little upside down it regulated my body temperature perfectly
Easy running along a canal footpath.
Intervals stop start when temperature regulation is vital to avoid over heating or getting cold from sweat
Competing in a 5km running race
I thought i would put my base layer through its paces, I wore it to help a farmer round up some sheep, do not laugh unless you have tried it you have no idea how hard this is. I got a great workout during this sprint stop start 50 minute sheep workout & never got hot and sweaty.

How it helped me
Great for hiking i showered each day but was unable to wash my base layer during these 3 days, it really die live up to Craft claims of being odour resistant used it for 3 days. It did not smell at all and felt fresh and clean each day i put it on and wore it to hike up to 5 hours at altitude.
Great ventilation throughout each and every day.
While hiking one minute i was in the sun then in the shade i never got cold or hot as the demands of my hike continually changed throughout each long day during my wild adventures.

My 15 key phrases to describe Craft Active Extreme 2.0 Baselayer
• Thumbs up to Craft Active Extreme 2.0 Base layer
• Coolmax kept me cool
• Super Ventilation
• Dries fast
• Like a second skin
• Atimicrobial properties
• Odour Resistant
• Day after Day Performance
• Lightweight to wear & carry
• Worked great from freezing temperatures to desert heat
• 200+ hours of use & no sign of looking worn out
• Great workout top underneath or on its own
• Snug fitting for compression
• Crafted to eliminate chafing
• Lightweight thin cool feel

Please Note I have not been paid to write this article. I would never endorse or post a testimonial or recommend any product unless it works. This is my opinion on my personal experience using the Craft Active Extreme 2.0 Base layer.

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