Avoid Fatigue After Endurance Training


To stop being tired and in need for sleep after long sessions you need to consider the following. Are you over straining in training and under replacing fluid and food?
Fully hydrated before exercise in the 2-3 hours before. This can be a problem if you run in the morning after being asleep and obviously not drinking anything for the last 7-9 hours. Weigh yourself in your run kit before and after and see how much you lose in weight. The reason why you do this as any perspiration absorbed by your clothes is at the end of the run has to be replaced. A US pint weighs 1.2 lbs so for every 1.2 lbs lost, replace with at least one pint of fluid also have fruit as a natural fluid replacement. Running with a drink or hiding drinks on route also helps. Avoid carrying a drink in your hand as this makes you run off balance and alters your own unique running stride. Absorption rates are less for women than men and everyone is different. Plain water will go straight through you so you need a

TIPS. Do not wait until you feel thirsty.
You need a 6-8 % solution which is the fastest for absorption. Avoid drinks containing caffeine as this can make you dehydrated.
Too strong a sugar drink slows down absorption. Plain water will just pass straight through you without hardly being absorbed and will draw away body salts.
Do not just drink on hotter days but when you are wearing more layers of clothing as this can make your body temperature rise without being exposed to the air.
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RECOVERY - Not just fluid but bananas are great for replacing energy.
On average you will burn up 100 calories for every mile so only eating one banana will not make much difference as on average it will only contain about 105 calories. Milk is considered one of the best recovery drinks after exercise add fruit for a home high antioxidant drink. Recovery drinks should also contain 4 to 1 ratio carbohydrate to protein for faster recovery because it increases the amount of insulin which will aid recovery. Everyone is different anything from 50/50 to 75/25 carbohydrate to protein will help. This sports drink will have to be sipped over 1-2 hour period after exercise including eating normally. Estimate on the following 50/50 approach. (50% carbohydrate & 50% protein) 140 lb = 63.5 kilos63.5 kg x 0.8 grams per kilo = 51 grams of carbohydrate63.5 kg x 0.4 grams per kilo = 25.5 grams of protein If different then spend a few moments working out your needs based on your individual weight. Find what suits you then buy a much carbo to protein ratio pre sports mix that helps you most. You need to find a brand that (a) You like to drink (b) You can buy locally or on the internet. Many brands have also sport products including bars for energy protein for recovery and replacement.

CALORIES DURING RUNNING - Consider 10-25% of calories used up. If running 15 miles = approx 1500 calories aim to take in 150- 375 calories on route in gel, jelly bean,
banana or in a drink.

FATIGUE - Failure to recovery with foods and drinks will always result in tiredness. Illness, loss of muscle strength. Irritability, Loss of appetite.

Consider compression clothing see seperate setcion.

SUMMARY - Hydrated before.300 calories 1 hour before or 600-800 calories at breakfast before run consisting of banana fruit, or toast honey jam peanut better etc.
Calories during.10-25%Hydrate during. Aim to eat and snack for 1-3 hours after. Include a protein recovery drink.