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Ironman Austria  (Karnten) – Information about the course and how to prepare for race day. First official  Austrian Ironman was in 1999.

Official Austria Ironman web site is

Twitter page is @ironmanaustria  or if tweeting use has tag #ironmanaustria 

Ironman Austria is considered a very fast Ironman course.

This year it filled up on line within 10 minutes of going live

Previous weather conditons

    Year                           Temperature @ 7 am           Hottest part of Ironman Austria race day 

    30th June 2013          9°C & 74% humidity                   23°C but feels 21°C. 34% Humidity     

    Wind Speed @ 7 am was 5>8 MPH Rest of day 2>4 mph    Rain 0.2 mm  Air pressure 1013 to 1015 mb

    1st July 2012             17°C & 89% humidity                 37°C but feels 37°C. 38% Humidity

    Wind speed @ 7 am was 7 MPH Rest of day 5>7 mph        Rain 0.0 mm Air pressure 1010 to 1014 mb

    3rd July 2011 @ 7 am was 8°C & 72% humidity             22°C but feels 24°C. 35% Humidity @ 7 am was

    Wind Speed @ 7 am 5 MPH Rest of day 2>4 mph                Rain 0.0 mm Air pressure 1010 to 1014 mb

    4th July 2010  @ 7am was 14°C & 90% humidity            24°C but feels 26°C. 34% Humidity

    Wind Speed @ 7 am was 9 MPH Rest of day 2>4 mph           Rain 4.0 mm air pressure 1012 to 1015 mb

    5th July 2009 14°C was 91% humidity                           24°C but feels 23°C. 34% Humidity

    Wind Speed @ 7 am was 4 MPH Rest of day dropped to 2 mph Rain 4.0 mm air pressure 1012 to 1015 mb

    13th July 2008 12°C & 90% humidity                             25°C but feels 28°C. 34% Humidity

   Wind Speed @ 7 am was 5>11 MPH Rest of day 19 to 3 mph Rain 7.3 mm air pressure 1009 to 1012 mb


  • The area is stunning.
  • The Lake warm sup quickly in the summer and can be either a wet suit or non-wet suit Ironman swim
  • The water is clean and clear, Great for drafting and sighting 
  • Location
  1. Ironman Austria race is located in Klagenfurt near the southern border with Slovenia.
    Klagenfurt is surrounded by lush green mountains, and sits on the edge of a massive, clean, mountain water lake (the warmest alpine lake in Europe).
    That is why the lake heats up and wet suits were not allowed in 2013.
    With ideal temperatures, mineral water taste, and crystal clear vision, the lake was perfect for swimming in amazing setting and conditions.
    The scenery is very spectacular, with the surrounding green mountains and hills, which is typical of the Austrian landscape.
    The town of Klagenfurt also has its charm, with a half-city and half-mountain-resort feel. For the days leading up to the Ironman, Klagenfurt was swarming with lean, shaved-leg beings,
    Not get caught up with people there to train and watch the Ironman if they don't have a Ironman competitors bracelet then please DO NOT chase them down in the swim bike or run race week save yourself for race day.

The Swim
Final 600m of the ironman swim is along the canal. The number of swimmers along the canal almost causes a current affect to help pull you along the course to the finish.
The canal is shallow and with the waves caused by swimmers ahead so keep to the deeper channel in the middle.

Bike section

  • 2 lap course with rolling hills with a smooth surface.
  • Many of the professional and age group triathletes record fast bike splits at Klagenfurt but you have been warned about the challenging rolling hills.
  • Use a 25 rear sprocket if you plan to finish in under 5:45 hours or a 26 sprocket if you plan to finish the ironman bike leg in under 6:15, if you plan on taking any longer
  • Expect crowds 10 deep to cheer you on just like the Tour de France.
  • This Ironman course is fast because the down hills are Not too technical so you don’t lose any time at the bottom with braking
  •  Always be prepared by looking ahead for dropped or lost bike bottles or food or other riders who do not have the skills to descend as fast as you, this will obviously avoid you crashing!
  • Great ironman bike course with some great breath taking descents especially on a nice sunny day.
  • There are also some good flat time trial sections. Make sure you drink and eat rather than just hammer in the tucked aero position.
  • It used to be three laps of 60km but has now changed to two laps of 90km
  • The new revised Austria Ironman bike course leaves Klagenfurt through  Südufer to Velden. And then goes thru Rosegg, St.Niklas and then anti-clock –wise around the Faaker See lake then from St.Niklas, the course travels back to Velden to join the old course and continues through Schiefling, St.Egyden, Ludmannsdorf and Köttmannsdorf back to Klagenfurt.
  • Once you have completed one of these loops you have done 90km repeat for the full distance.

It can be hot and windy on Ironman day.
View of the bike course

The Austria Ironman Marathon
  • The run route leaves transition and goes along the north bank of the Wörther See (read Lake Worther!) to the turning point at Krumpendorf.
  • With gravel paths.
Iron Man Austria Tip
#1 Using slightly longer socks can avoid loose gravel causing blisters. The run goes towards the city centre and goes around a large dragon, repeat this twice to complete the full marathon distance.

#2 Prepare for a non wet suit swim by swimming in open water without a wet suit

(Never swim alone out doors)

Please note
Course details correct when published, always check with the race web site ad go to the race briefing for last minute changes.
Remember the athlete is responsible for knowing the course.
Don’t be caught out know what to expect when and what gear you need.

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I have coached and mentored triathletes to succeed for I M Austria for at least 7 different years. Many have achieved their personal best time either on that course or best iron man time ever with my coaching.

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Don’t rely on others to think they know, that way you will never be surprised on Ironman race day.