All You Need To Know When Visiting London

Castle to Castle tri Challenge

All you need to know to make your visit to London during the 2012 Olympics a memorable one.

From where to stay hotels what to see for Free and what to expect to pay.

Everything you need to know by Mark who has worked and lived in London for over 30 years.

How to pay the congestion charge by phone text credit card or at a fuel station or on-line?

How to pay for parking by coins text credit card?

The best way to get from A to B around London during the 2012 Olympic Games?

Travel from the Olympic park to central London.

Best London tourist attractions during the London Olympics.

What is also happening during July 2012?

How to get around by walking - buses - taxis - coaches - trains - or Docklands Light Railway (DLR) car hire.

What to eat? Where to eat? What to expect to pay?

London on a budget during the Olympic Games.

Best places to view London.

Money saving ideas.
Much more will be updated on a regular basis between now and Jthe start of the London Olympic Games in July 2012.