About Mark Kleanthous @IronMate Mark

Sporting Achievements

  • I have competed in over 1,200 races worldwide in more than 15 countries.
  • Swimming - 100m, Triathlon Sprint, Olympic and  Ironman distance, Swimathon (5k) twice in a day, and swimming the English Channel (relay).
  • Cycling - 10, 25, 50, 100-mile time trials and 12 hour time trials. Cycled from Land's End to John O Groat's 874 miles (1,399k)
  • Running - Mile, 5k, 10k, 21k, Marathon, double Marathon, 100k, and marathon des sables beyond.
  • Duathlons - Powerman sprint & standard distance plus long course Zofingen Switzerland winner of many duathlons in the 80's & 90's Competitor first BallBuster duathlon Box Hill x 10 
  • Completed over 81 Marathons.
  • Pioneer of Sprot - First London marathon (81) - First Uk Triathlon (83) First Ride London 100 miler London Classic medalist combined time to record 8 hrs 27 minutes (Marathon 2:24 Ride London 100 5:01 serpentine swim 1:01 / includes stopping to save a female in distress!

Triathlon Achievements

  • I have crossed the finish line in over 520 triathlons worldwide since 1983 (38 consecutive triathlon season 2020) 
  • Completed more than 43 Ironman events.
  • From Super Sprint races to Olympic, Middle, Ironman, Double and Triple Iron distance events taking 45 hours 58 minutes and 29 grueling seconds
  • Mark won a triathlon outright in the morning and finished 2nd in another triathlon in the afternoon!

Other Events

  • 1,000 Push ups (Press ups) in 28 minutes & 41 tough seconds!!
  • Competed in the British Telecom Tower (in London) race and climbed 870 steps/650 feet in less than 5 minutes. 3rd fastest time EVER!
  • Gym competitions - London finalist in City Helath Club Games = 10 events in one day (Average age 26 i was 46 years of age) 
  • Pizza eating completion winner!
  • Qualifications
  • Mark has currently achieved British Triathlon level 1 & 2 coaching award.

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List of some of my triathlons and Ironman events I have done