Abbreviations Used During The Olympic Games

Abbreviations used during the Olympic Games

AAA     Amateur Athletic Association
AAU     Amateur Athletic Union
AC       Also competed
AIBA     International Amateur Boxing Association
ANZ      In 1908 & 1912 the IOC medal data base refers to Australia & New Zealand who competed as Australasia. 1920 they competed separately.
c          Approximately
C:         Number of competitors entered  
D:         Date of final
Dec.      Won by judges decision  
DISC     Discuss throw
DISQ     Disqualified
DNC      Did not compete in final
DNF      Did not finish
D          Did not start (in final)
e          Estimated
elim      Eliminated
EOR      Equalled Olympic Record
EUA      IOC medal data base United Team of Germany (West & East Germany 1956-1964)
EUN      Unified Team (ex republics of Soviet Union)
EWR     Equalled world record
FINA     International Amateur Swimming Federation
FITA     International Archery Federation
FT.        distance in feet
GA        Goals against
GF         Goals
GRW     Greco Roman wrestling
H          Hurdles
HAM     Hammer throw
HJ         High jump
IAAF     International Amateur Athletic Federation
IN.        Inches
IOC       International Olympic committee
IOC       Also used for the country code for Athletes from Kuwait at the 2010 Asian Games due to the suspension of the Kuwait Olympic Committee.
IOP       Independent Olympic Participants (1992 Athletes from Yugoslavia competed due to the UN United Nations sanctions)
JAV       Javelin throw
Kg         Kilograms
Km        Kilometres
KO         Knockout
L            Lost
Lbs        Pounds
LJ          Long jump
M          Meters
m.p.h    Miles per hour
m.p.s    Meters per second
N:         Number of nations represented
NCAA    National Collegiate Athletic Association
OR        Olympic record
PA        Points against
Pen.      Penalty
PF         Points for
PTS       Points
PV         Pole vault
RA         Runs against
Ret        Retired
RF          Runs for
RSC       Referee stopped                                                                                                               SLJ        Standing long jump  
SP         Shot put
T:          Number of teams entered 
T           Tied
TG         Touches given
TR         Touches received
USOC     United States Olympic committee
UN         United Nations
W    Won                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            w          Wind Aided
with      Withdrawn
WB        World best
WADA    World Anti-Doping Agency
WO         Walkover
WR         World Record
YDS        distance in yards
ZZX         Identify medals won by mixed teams from mixed nations, for example in 1896 1900 & 1904 France & Great Britain joined together to compete in the first 3 Olympic games.

Adopted from the complete book of the Olympics 2008 edition
David Wallechinsky & Jamie Loucky

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