2011 Multi Sport & Endurance Events

Multi Sport Events news update

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New and exciting races coming up in 2011 & beyond.

Triathlons in 2011
Including 1st time beginner Triathlons Triathlon Team relays.
Sprint Olympic Middle distance 70.3 Ironman Double ironman and even a Decca 10 x Ironman in Italy. A New Tri Grand Prix series in Buckinghamshire.


Also duathlons road and off road, something for everyone.

Kids Triathlons 

We have not forgotten the kid’s even kid’s triathlons on the same day as the adult races.
Pages will be updated as soon as possible about the course and what gear you will need. Where possible we will send out our team to check out all you need to know.
Enter early as many fill up fast.


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